Monday, May 14, 2007

Stash Be gone! Kinda.

Well I went to Yarn Lady today (after having to drive home from my fiancee's house at 4:30 am with a migraine due to contacts-driving in the daylight would have been so much worse). I dropped off my yarn and it came to a total of 7 pounds! (Or 6.5 if you want to get technical) Neat! So I bought (sue me) 4 small alpaca skeins (28bucks) to make a simple scarf out of and to reward myself (I'm big on that) for a donation well done.

I've got knitting class tonight where I'll finish my bamboo shirt so there will be pictures to come later! I want to start on my Alpaca sweater and a shawl in St-St just so I have something to make if I get stuck on the sweater. Wish me luck!