Wednesday, May 30, 2007


On Friday morning my Fiancee told me he signed up for the Marine Corps. Hell. Damn. Crap. Etc... So I didn't do much knitting although I've knit myself back together enough to work on my alpaca shawl and pullover a little (no pics sorry). I've come up to a stopping point on the shawl that isn't by choice but what can you do? I'll leave you with acute picture of us.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grateful List

I've been really down lately and slightly worried about more than I should. Whenever things threaten to get too overwhelming I make a grateful list.

I'm Grateful for (in no particular order):
Knitting, yarn, Yarn harlot, Alpaca, wooden needles,the mony to buy all the yarn I want, the money to buy expensive yarn, my growing knowledge and skills in knitting (just too keeps things semi-related to knitting), dragon-lady, my mom and dad, Matthew, my cat Ramses, my grandma, music, Loreena McKennitt, dancing, my grades, ceramics, the privilege to drive my own car, singing at the top of my lungs, the ability to sing well, Renn Faire, Chad/Ludwig, Lara, my diamond jewelry (hey, I'm weak, sue me), my Family, my home, food on the table, dried mango's, belly dancing, History classes, Ceramic classes, the ability to walk and think, sight, hearing, BOOKS, my job (or the money it brings in), Joseph/Merlin, Wench Ro, that the wench is preggers, my god and goddess, my lovely backyard, the money in the bank that will take me to Ireland next year, being Pagan, sewing, sewing machine, my knitting bag, clothing, my clothing starting to fit me again, my overly expensive Coach purse and wallet, my basket I use at faire, my up coming vacation to Illinois with my mom on a train!, Labyrinth Ball, Gaelic Storm, being alive, being young enough to make healthy choices, getting accepted into long beach, getting to live on campus at LB, brownies, cupcakes, salads, hot tea (English breakfast and Irish breakfast are my fave's), jewelry, rings (I'm a ring whore), a slim body (as opposed to a too skinny body), rain,poetry, the season of fall, being engaged, the birds outside my window, my comfy bed, my laptop, water, my knitting patterns, my looks ('s not vanity, it's the truth), my stuffed animals, my bicycle, the beach, full moons, musicals, concerts, my hair stylest, the breeze, fairy's, wings, dragons, magic, magick, and laughter.

But this is only a partial list. I need to go since I'm seeing Pirates 3 w/ Matthew and co tonight and still have to drive to his place. I just need to remember there are things in this world that are lovely and that all things must come to an end. Especially the bad things. Those always end and the good things can then pick back up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In Progress

Let's just wipe yesterday from our collective minds shall we? I did however, get some knitting done. So for your viewing pleasure:
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Isn't it lovely? I know you can't feel or smell it but...heaven. Pure heaven. Same goes for this one:
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It's getting bigger. I have no clue at the actual size of it thanks to the circular needles but, I'm thinking it'll be just fine size wise. Lovely all of it. I'm off for a tux fitting and lunch with a friend, so I shall blog more later! (I blog...hahahaha still gets me).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Project!

Finally! Finally I've started on the Vogue Knitting (fall 2006) Cable Trim Pullover-also known as "alpaca sweater". Last night in class I cast on worked the k2,p2 rib then realized that-duh- on the next row you knit th e knits, and purl the purls. By that time I had knit my swatches (zomg) and realized my mistake class was over. On the swatches, I knit loose. The pattern calls for size 2 and 3 needles. So, we are decreasing the number of stitches cast on and using the 2 needle through out (to save me from the horrors of 1,0, or 00 needles). Anyway, I got home at 8:30pm and fell asleep. I woke up around 8:30 am (apparently I needed 12 hours of sleep) and stared at the messed up ribbing for awhile. To rip or not to rip that is the question. Damn it, I've been obsessing over this sweater for a month now and by god, I want it done correctly! I ripped. Two whole rows. Then re-cast on and k2,p2 then realized at the end of the first row I messed up somewhere and had to rip back. Being a little stressed at this point I knit a row on the Alpaca Shawl (which I fixed at faire-hazza to the spinner!) and felt much better. I then cast the sweater back on and... I suppose I ought to do more than just that.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm tired. Exhausted really, from finals and work ( work is a nightmare I can't wake up from). I've got this gigantic headache that is right behind my left eyeball and creeping up into my nose to finish me off in my head. So what do I do? I knit. Then (pardon my language) I fuck up the Alpaca shawl. Ok so mabey it isn't quite "fucked up" as I think it is but I can't tell if I increased or decreased a stitch or if I dropped one or what. Hell. I was hoping to work on it this weekend (to take the edge off of work) but I don't want to mess with it even more. I've already bothered my LYS thinking I screwed it up to the ripping point (I didn't) this week and I don't want to pester her again. I want her to continue to like me.

Arg. My brains! My eyeball. My poor knitting....poor, poor knitting. I'm sorry Alpaca, I'll do better next time. Or Monday. Which ever comes first.

School's Out!

Yea!...Kind of. Melancholy and all that. Two of the three classes I took I'm pleased are done (if only so I can relax in the week) but one I'm bummed out about. The teacher was awesome and I wish he could just teach all my history classes. Only two problems with that; A: I'm majoring in Medieval Europe History (he teaches US) and B: He doesn't teach at LB unless there is something he's not telling me. It's hard to find a teacher who "Light's you up" as my Uncle Tommy says- so when you do, you want to hang on to them for as long as you can.

However, Summer is now upon me and with only a Ceramic's Lab to look forward to school wise I'm FREE...Monday through Thursday. That means I've got a TON of knitting I can do. Hazza. I did wear my Bamboo Shirt today and it didn't fall off. Can I get a "Thank God!"?

So if you remember, My stash was largish (if you don't scroll down) and now look at it!
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Prime stuff too! You've got your wool, merino. cashmerino, mohair, ALPACA! How I love the alpaca. So, ok there are still some acrylics in there but they are super soft and are going to be made into those blankets for the Binky Patrol. So there. :P

Also here is a picture of my project yarn (which so does not count as stash). I'm starting on the dark grey on Monday-I can hardly wait!!
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I've done quite a bit of knitting on the Greetings from Knit Cafe Large Triangle shawl. I'm almost at 100 rows, 100 more to go. It doesn't look like it'll be big but I assume that somewhere along the 120-150 mark it'll get there. And since I have 1320 yards of the color I obviously can always add more.
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So there you have it. I'm off for knitting prior to work (wish me luck there) enjoy your days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finished Projects, New Project

Long Post so bear with me!

I finished my mom's felted bag today (it needed 24hours to dry) and I even got her to model it for me. Before:
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I also finished my bamboo shirt last night. Thank god. I have alpaca and was sick sick sick of bamboo. I'm really pleased on how it turned out and happy it fits. I even have leftover bamboo yarn that I have no clue what to do with.
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I also started a triangle shawl from the book: Greetings from Knit Cafe. I'm using Prime alpaca in the color "nutmeg" beauteous! It'll be my project to work on when I get stuck on the soon to start Prime Alpaca pullover. I'm excited are you? Here's my shawl although I've since worked on it so it's larger that in the picture.
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I also picked up the 4 tiny balls of alpaca from Yarn lady for a scarf in Moss Seed Stitch just to keep me busy. :)
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Beautiful no?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Stash Be gone! Kinda.

Well I went to Yarn Lady today (after having to drive home from my fiancee's house at 4:30 am with a migraine due to contacts-driving in the daylight would have been so much worse). I dropped off my yarn and it came to a total of 7 pounds! (Or 6.5 if you want to get technical) Neat! So I bought (sue me) 4 small alpaca skeins (28bucks) to make a simple scarf out of and to reward myself (I'm big on that) for a donation well done.

I've got knitting class tonight where I'll finish my bamboo shirt so there will be pictures to come later! I want to start on my Alpaca sweater and a shawl in St-St just so I have something to make if I get stuck on the sweater. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Handspun wishes

So there’s this swap going on at I really, really wanted to get in on but couldn't. It was the Handspun/Handmade Swap. Basically (for those who don't obsess over craftster like me) a spinner sends some of his/her yarn that they made to a knitter or crocheter. Then that person then makes something and sends it back (I assume they send you more than one hank/skein of yarn for you to keep).

I so badly wanted to do this one because I've seen such lovely work done by the spinners on that it's inspiring. I however due to space, money and time (I'm too busy knitting) can't spin my own yarn (or dye it for that matter). So this swap would have been lovely. There are some extremely talented people on craftster that sometime I feel slightly inadequate and intimidated. ......I really, really want the yarn I see on there and I'm sure I'm not the only one. God it's just so....beautiful...

So at the Loreena Mckennitt concert last night the colors in her theme were blue of all shades but mainly (Royal blue, turquoise) deep purples, royal purples bluish purples and a red The colors were amazing. If I could spin and dye those would be what I worked with. Couldn't you just imagine a shawl made with those? Dang.

In other news: I'm almost done with my mom's felted bag. I just need to make the last I-cord and then felt the sucker! Hazza! The renaissance faire I work for opens tomorrow and I wanted to take a bit of knitting with me but circular needles were NOT in the 1450's in Germany so I needed something else. I'm taking the wool I bought back in march (with no previous use in mind) and I'm planning on making a cover for my basket so that people can't see the non-period things.... You know, cell phone, car keys, water bottle, digital camera etc... It'll keep me busy and I'll be period all at the same time. Marvelous!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Loreena McKennitt

This has nothing to do with knitting but it's simply too wonderful to not share.
I just saw Loreena McKennitt in concert tonight with Matthew (my fiancee) and my parents. Wow. To be orderly:

I bought tickets for the 4 of us for my parents birthday and it was supposed to be held at the Greek Amphitheatre. Of course the fire in Griffith park is right above the Greek so they had to move it to the Gibson at Universal Studio's. Can I tell you how happy I was? A: Parking at the Greek is craptastic and B: the Greek is outdoors the Gibson indoors. Plus Matthew knew how to get to the Gibson so thank god we didn't get lost. Matthew and I left around 5pm and got there at 6. We exchanged our tickets with minimum fuss (apparently at 5pm there was a huge line) then went to have dinner at this pizza parlor. We saw my parents walking by to get their tickets (they had to come separately due to work) and Merlin from my show later on. Any who, so we all go in and sit down. Now our seats were not bad, but they could have been better. IF you look at it from the stage there's the pit, first section and then second section. We were in the front of the 2nd section but on the far stage right so Loreena McKennit would have her back to us for alot of the show.

I wondered if I could upgrade our tickets. So I asked an usher and he didn't know but pointed me to the Admin. Office. I figured "what the hell?" and went off (w/ 17 minutes until the show started). I get there and there a 2 people ahead of me yelling at the staff and bitching and complaining that their tickets are not comparable to the Greek tickets they bought. I felt so bad for the staff, it's not their fault. Anyway so they finally leave and it's my turn. The guy said he could move us a little closer but we'd still be on the side (but on stage left). Then this guy walks out of the office and asks if he can help me. I mentioned that I was hoping to upgrade my tickets (wallet in hand mind you) but I didn't want to be a hassle. I was uber polite because, I hate when people scream at me on my job and felt bad for the staff (and really my tickets didn't suck). SO he showed me where the 4 seats were and I pointed to the Pitt and asked (Cause I didn't know) "What's this area? Is that off limits?" Well he said it wasn't and how many tickets did I need? Then this lady interrupts him and he said "I'm helping this lady" but she kept being pushy and rude so he told me to not go anywhere and walked back into the office while calling someone.

5 minutes later he comes out with 4 tickets for me and says, "Hurry you only have four minutes until she starts. Go go!" I thanked him and ran out the door and across the way (and this was a loooooong way) to where everyone was sitting and told to to hurry and grab their stuff because I got us better seats. I asked an usher where we were going (I wasn't sure where the tickets put us) and guess where? The Pit. 5 FREAKING ROWS AWAY FROM LOREENA MCKENNITT.

Oh. My. God. It was amazing and the look on my parents faces was priceless. They asked me how much I had to pay to upgrade and I told them I paid nothing. So true. I paid absolutely nothing to be upgraded to Pitt seating just because I was nice and wasn't yelling. I was polite. Rock.

So the concert itself was inspiring, magickal, moving (I cried during Dante's Prayer-to be played at my wedding), everything I had ever dreamed and so so very much more. She was wonderful, the band was wonderful the music set my soul flying. I am so grateful for today. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went 100% perfect. I couldn't ask for a more perfect venue, timing, seating ...everything. God I'm still amazed. Thank you Lady and Lord for one of the most memorable and best nights of my life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Tee. Hee..... *giggle* Hee. Heh hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

Oh I am so FREAKING excited! I'm getting rid of over 1/2 my stash by May 14th. Hee. ^^
How is this possible you ask? That hefty amount of yarn on your (abet small) bed will not knit itself nor crochet itself all up in less than a week. Oh but it will! And here I was just saying to my mom yesterday, "I wish my yarn would knit itself." Thanks to Yarn Lady I am donating said stash to Stitches From the Heart so that they can make blankets into them....see? My yarn is getting knitted up, going to a good cause and I don't have to worry about it anymore!! Thank god for Yarn Lady. Woo Hoo! Hee. So much free space.... So much good Karma. I am keeping some of it (and no, not just the good stuff) to make a few more blankets for Binky Patrol.

But good intentions have such an awesome karmic payback. I wanted to help out in my own way but really, the stash would have taken me a looong time to crochet up. I didn't want to just give it to a school only to have the yarn used in a project that eventually get's tossed. :) This way it'll goto people with the time and love required to knit/crochet it all up for someone. Warm fuzzy's all around. Hee. I'm so excited.

Finished Projects

Well, it's not knitting but it deals with yarn! I have shrunk my stash by almost 2 balls (i say almost because there is still some %&#($^ yarn left...I hate that green color and have a whole other skein to use up. Anyway the Blanket from the black green and blue blanket was started yesterday and finished today. Neat. Gotta love crochet. Weird though how the colors while bright on their own are murky together (the sun picture does more for it than ever the hanging picture showed the blanket's true nature). However it's super soft and I'm sure it'll be loved.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The granny square blanket was so annoying. I hate hate hate and LOATHE sewing it all up. I will never ever make another one. It thankfully turned out nice.

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There we have it ladies and gents, 2 (technically 3 but the 3rd blanket I did prior to "stash busting") blankets done and a whole bunch of yarn to go. But first I really need to get my mom's Felted Bag done for Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ugh. I really can't justify purchasing more yarn when I'm low on money when I've got this:
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for stash and this:

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for work's in progress. Yeah it's less than most but I'm moving away to college (oh who am I kidding I'll be home every stinking weekend!) and really want to start buying nice yarn. Not cheap acrylic. I'm more about quality vs. quantity. Technically, I suppose you could say I had more stash than WIP's yarn considering the alpaca (dark grey hanks) and mysterious type of Irish yarn (white in the clear bag) have yet to be worked on but...They have plans. The Alpaca is set for that pullover I've been lusting over and the Irish Yarn I'll make into some kind of shawl. Depending on how much I have I was thinking of doing This Shawl from

However, I really want to get through the crappy acrylic, the soft yet still annoying acrylic and various other yarns before I move on. That being said, I'm going to be crocheting blankets for the Binky Patrol that Bear's Quilt Shop hosts. It can be any type of blanket (adult, child, teen, baby/knitted, crocheted, quilted) as long as it's hand made. I'm almost done with a granny square one (not shown) and have started on a boy's baby blanket. If you'd like to help out let me know and we can get in touch. :D Well I'm off to crochet until I get tired then sew up the granny squares (which is why it's not done yet).

Monday, May 7, 2007

Not so Knitting related

So I found this magnet at the antique store yesterday with those retro 50's women on them (you know the one's with the sarcastic sayings?) and on my magnet it says "High maintenance doesn't even begin to cover it" hahahaha.

To keep this semi-related to knitting, I have class tonight for which I'm thankful. I was afraid I'd miss it but luck was on my side. :D Thank you luck!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bamboo Shirt...

...had to get ripped. About 6 inches worth because the lady who helped me misunderstood the directions. So my LYS ripped it back for me while having me work on the front of the shirt. Much less painful that way, for which I'm ever so grateful. Consequentiality, I haven't worked on the shirt since Monday and have instead worked on my mom's felted bag. Her color scheme is Lambs Pride Dynamite Blue, Winter Blue and Mulberry all worsted. I think I'll like the color choices better than mine...oh well I will survive.

I am super excited to work on my Alpaca sweater but I must wait. Wait wait wait. I'm close to finishing my bamboo shirt (just the sleeves and neckline (ok and back portion but that'll take 30 mins) to go) and Mother's Day is coming up soon-ish. Also with the while Irish yarn (I still don't know what it is fiber-wise) I really would love to make a shawl so we'll have to see how much I have of it. I also have the best idea I've ever had for my dad for x-mas but I'm waiting because A: no money and B: I NEED TO FINISH THE 2 PROJECTS BEFORE I START ANOTHER ONE! Yes, I must yell at myself from time to time. It's good for me. Wish me speedy knitting so I can move on. :)