Friday, May 11, 2007

Loreena McKennitt

This has nothing to do with knitting but it's simply too wonderful to not share.
I just saw Loreena McKennitt in concert tonight with Matthew (my fiancee) and my parents. Wow. To be orderly:

I bought tickets for the 4 of us for my parents birthday and it was supposed to be held at the Greek Amphitheatre. Of course the fire in Griffith park is right above the Greek so they had to move it to the Gibson at Universal Studio's. Can I tell you how happy I was? A: Parking at the Greek is craptastic and B: the Greek is outdoors the Gibson indoors. Plus Matthew knew how to get to the Gibson so thank god we didn't get lost. Matthew and I left around 5pm and got there at 6. We exchanged our tickets with minimum fuss (apparently at 5pm there was a huge line) then went to have dinner at this pizza parlor. We saw my parents walking by to get their tickets (they had to come separately due to work) and Merlin from my show later on. Any who, so we all go in and sit down. Now our seats were not bad, but they could have been better. IF you look at it from the stage there's the pit, first section and then second section. We were in the front of the 2nd section but on the far stage right so Loreena McKennit would have her back to us for alot of the show.

I wondered if I could upgrade our tickets. So I asked an usher and he didn't know but pointed me to the Admin. Office. I figured "what the hell?" and went off (w/ 17 minutes until the show started). I get there and there a 2 people ahead of me yelling at the staff and bitching and complaining that their tickets are not comparable to the Greek tickets they bought. I felt so bad for the staff, it's not their fault. Anyway so they finally leave and it's my turn. The guy said he could move us a little closer but we'd still be on the side (but on stage left). Then this guy walks out of the office and asks if he can help me. I mentioned that I was hoping to upgrade my tickets (wallet in hand mind you) but I didn't want to be a hassle. I was uber polite because, I hate when people scream at me on my job and felt bad for the staff (and really my tickets didn't suck). SO he showed me where the 4 seats were and I pointed to the Pitt and asked (Cause I didn't know) "What's this area? Is that off limits?" Well he said it wasn't and how many tickets did I need? Then this lady interrupts him and he said "I'm helping this lady" but she kept being pushy and rude so he told me to not go anywhere and walked back into the office while calling someone.

5 minutes later he comes out with 4 tickets for me and says, "Hurry you only have four minutes until she starts. Go go!" I thanked him and ran out the door and across the way (and this was a loooooong way) to where everyone was sitting and told to to hurry and grab their stuff because I got us better seats. I asked an usher where we were going (I wasn't sure where the tickets put us) and guess where? The Pit. 5 FREAKING ROWS AWAY FROM LOREENA MCKENNITT.

Oh. My. God. It was amazing and the look on my parents faces was priceless. They asked me how much I had to pay to upgrade and I told them I paid nothing. So true. I paid absolutely nothing to be upgraded to Pitt seating just because I was nice and wasn't yelling. I was polite. Rock.

So the concert itself was inspiring, magickal, moving (I cried during Dante's Prayer-to be played at my wedding), everything I had ever dreamed and so so very much more. She was wonderful, the band was wonderful the music set my soul flying. I am so grateful for today. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went 100% perfect. I couldn't ask for a more perfect venue, timing, seating ...everything. God I'm still amazed. Thank you Lady and Lord for one of the most memorable and best nights of my life.


elan said...

Wow, it pays to be nice!There's nothing like live music, it's magical.

quiltyknitwit said...

Ah, don't you love it when it all comes together so beautifully that way.