Friday, August 29, 2008


I have a FO/Picture to Blog about!


Blarney Stone from BMFA-LW. Yes I'm better, but hurried since i need ot run to work.

Pssst, Go give Pat some lovin, she's a new Grandma!!! (But totally isn't old enough to be one)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Insert Title Here

So I've been gone from the web for forever due to a reaction I had to some new medicine Wednesday night. The hi-light of the week was myself getting taken to the ER by my mom because my heart rate was 124bpm (it should be 80-100) and I was greatly dehydrated. Fun. 2 bags of fluids and blood work later I went home with my parents and crashed at their place. I'm doing better don't worry, though I'm still tired I feel like I can do stuff. The doc in the ER said the medication should be almost out of my system by now so here's hoping. :)

So basically I sat around on my couch since wednesday watching TV (I love cable) and getting nothing done. So nothing new on the knitting front. I'll take care, don't worry and I hope everyone else is doing well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What I've Been Up To

First, I want to say I love my monday knit night group. Even though I've been gone for ever to spend time with Matthew, they hugged me and welcomed me back. And to think I almost didn't go. All I wanted to do was go home a have a good cry but instead went and had a blast. And some of us are meeting up on Friday to check out a yarn store near me. :D

So Matthew left for a month long training on a different base today which means I don't get to see or visit him. I had to drive him down so he could be on our regular base by 3 am and I've been bummed ever since. Things should be looking up soon, but I miss him a ton. The reception out there is sketchy so trying to talk to him on the cell is a little difficult.

So here is what I have been up to. Not knitting (though I've made headway since the last post) but quilting: (the best is last)

First quilt is one I've worked on for a "year". I bought most of the material last year, during one of the time's Matthew was gone (in April 08?) I pieced it together in 5 days, and then put the borders on in one this past month. It's a large queen size measuring in at 111 inches long and is at the quilt shop waiting to become a quilt: It's HUGE!

Here is a christmas one I threw together over 2 days at the end of last month. I'm planning on trying to quilt it at my mom's house tomorrow if I can get the material for the backing but it depends on if I can get to the store in time.

A Halloween one (it's languished for 2 years while I waited to learn how to put binding on):

But my favorite, absolute favorite is the Log Cabin Quilt top I finished for Matthew to take with him to Iraq.


There's even one tiny square with strawberry material at his request. It's at the quilt shop now and they've promised me it'll be done on or before September 25th so that when he leaves, it'll be ready for him to take. Can't get into the mushy stuff right now, but I'm sure you all know I put allot of love and prayers int making it.

On the knitting front, I've almost finished the Spring Thing's Shawl that's an Xmas gift but I'm not sure what to start next. There's a sweater I've my eye on and would like to be able to wear it this winter... Of course, my new spinning wheel comes in tomorrow...Hmmmm

Monday, August 4, 2008

Uh, yeah? Sure. Huh?

I honest to god cannot think of anything interesting to write about. That may be due in part because it's 2:27am and it looks like I won't be going to bed in the near future. I started cleaning my kitchen around oh, 11pm then the bathroom, and then started laundry at 1:30 am. 11 minutes before i can get it from the dryer and fold the 2 loads. You know you're jealous. And Matthew has to get up at 4 am for work (after a month of basically sleeping in from vacation and RA-it was the Company's pre-deployment leave block this month) so really, what's the point? I fell off the face the the earth (or online) since I was fully enjoying my time with him before he leaves for a month long training stint at a different base (of which I cannot visit). He's then home for 3 weeks then gone for 7 months. Trying to be positive and happy seems to get more difficult. Bugger all.

Ah, there's the laundry alarm. Once I get some interesting pictures of what I'm skinning..or knitting actually ("skinning"? WTF? Clearly I need sleep. lol), I'll make a posty post. I hope everyone is well!