Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bathroom Blues

I love me some blue. :) Here is my almost finished bathroom:



Taa Daaa!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still Playing Catch Up

In all things to be honest. We still are eating off a folding card table (our dining set, 2 coffees tables[one for linen storage] and an end table) all of which are still two weeks away from getting to the warehouse and from there-delivery to us.

Knitting wise I've missed 3 knit nights (the first from move-in day, the second was my birthday (the 18th) and then tonight, I looked at the piles of laundry, boxes in my bedroom, and was unable to find my friggin knitting pattern (thanks husband) and decided I needed to stay home. OH! And I tried to make brownies tonight but when I went to pre-heat the oven, SMOKE started streaming out. Not to bad at first (and all white) but it progressively got worse and smelled kind of gassy so now my brownie mix is in the fridge and I'll have to pop down to the housing office and have them send a guy out to check on it.

Also, I just finished clue 3 from the Secret of the Stole 2 KAL (clue 6 just went up last friday) and other than that, have done no knitting. None. Zip. I may be insane. I also have not really bought yarn lately-at all actually. So I've been avoiding The Loopy Ewe and have yet to check out the new stores in my area.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments:
Alanna I'm glad to see you guys arrives safely and hope your cat get's out of kitty prison soon.

Brena-Congrats on moving in with your guy! The town house looks BEAUTIFUL!

And all of a sudden my brain has the "hurt" (which is probably from sitting on the freaking couch all night playing sims and watching TV (We have CABLE!!!)) so I'm going to take a Tylenol and hit the sheets (where the handsome man is already zonked out since he has to be up in oh 3 hours, but he did goto bed at 9:30pm so he'll get plenty of sleep).

I'll try to get more pictures up in the next few days.

OH OH OH! And on Thursday, we are getting our wedding pictures! YES!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm back! We just got internet back last night and I'm so relieved!! Here is what my home looked like move in day:
Living Room

Dining Room



And here is our living room after a week:

More Later!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Life-Such as it Is.


Mom's Monkey Socks are finished! My first non-st-st socks! They are dome in Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Blue Moonstone Medium weight. It was lovely yarn to knit with! I may just have to buy more in the future.

So Would you like the good news first or the bad? Me, I like the bad news first so that the good news can cut the crappyness of the bad down. Let's go that way.

Bad First:
See that handsome man? He graduated from School of Infantry this past Friday and joined a unit that is Deploying in September. That is very, very bad news. It's "Well fuck me" news. I'm still in lovely denial and have hope that his Officer Packet will be picked up before the Unit deploys (We are using "The Secret" and Positive thinking because that really works) which would be either June or September. So please, add your positive thoughts of him getting in to OCS before then for me. Which is really weird asking the general public, but any prayers, wishes or good vibes you want to throw my way, I'll take. :) Thank you.

So! Super crappy right? What could possibly make that any better?

The view from our soon-to-be bedroom window. I just got the call in (which is why I was waiting to post) saying we got approved for our First Apartment!!!! Oh my god we both are over the moon about it! It's a 1 bedroom/1 bath on the bottom floor (we also get a covered single car garage!) that has a waterfall and stream right past the porch out side of the living room:

With a Bird Avary just past that (which is the round structure you see from our bedroom window)> The WHOLE complex is like that. And we have ducks! They walked right up to our porch! Our cats, are going to go crazy! The place has 600 units so there are 5 pools (2 are "award winning for best design"-one is a 30 second walk from our place but far enough away that we don't see it) 2 clubhouses (with a billiards room up top-we love our pool) gyms, tennis/racquet ball courts and 5 laundry facilities). It is with in a 5 minuet walking distance from my bank and the grocery store as well as a 15 minuet walk from a Theater (a movie theater as well as theatrical) and a 10 minuet walk from a mall that is apparentally a huge tourist attraction. It's full of expensive stores like Prada, Bloomingdales, Louis Vuittion-you know, stuff I couldn't afford if you gave me money. Lol.

So that is the brief rundown of what has happened this weekend. Oh boy. Up's and Downs much? For my SOTS2 KAL I haven't done the 3rd clue but I will hopefully get to it tomorrow after I get my hair done (for what will probably be a long time). :) Talk to you later!

P.S. Thank god for knitting or I'd be unable to cope with life atm. But-that's life such as it is.