Friday, July 9, 2010

loopy Swap

So I participated in teh Loopy Ewe Swap on Ravelry and here's a direct copy/paste of a post about what i got (typing=hurty so I'm only doing it once with no re formatting-you understand I assume)

Ok so! I got my package a few days ago and was waiting for either good weather (it's been over cast here) and/or my arm to stop hurting enough to type. Since the two have yet to coincide I decided to just take the pictures anyway. :)

To here's the overview of the package that [MidnightD](/people/MidnightD) sent me I love it!!

Summer is movies and ice cream (which she sent but we'll get to that) so she got me blazing saddles (squee!!!) and everything came in the adorable woven bag! (I love it desperately btw) A little bowl, pen (I've used to write to my husband with) a "s" clip (already useful for my keys SO HANDY!!) and and and the best smelling soap EVER. Apparently her friend makes it and they are divine. One is Lavender and the other is sheer yummyness. My bathroom smells like an apothecary and I'm so delighted by it!

the knitted item was a pair of perfectly fitted socks (My left foot is a shoe size larger than my right) in all of my favorite colors! pardon the crappy photo lol:

She also sent me malibrigo off my loopy wishlist that I had wanted for...somethign in my que. But of course I forgot which. I'll jsut ave to look through it again! In purple, drool. J'adore purple!
And there's a "silk" hanky she dyed herself:

And the most amusing aspect- She sent me **ICE CREAM**!!

It's freeze dried and I can't wait to dig in. Hubby has already asked me to mail him one but I can't decide if I love him enough. :D :D :D (I do but it's *mine*!)

Thank you so so much!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

little Knitting

Well, where to begin.

I've tendinitis in my left arm and I suspect my right arm is getting it too. The doctor put me off from knitting for a month and I've slowly worked at getting back into it. But I can either type or knit, and I assume you all know my preference.

Matthew deployed mid-may and I moved back in with my parents. he's doing well in that he's on a ship for this deployment so things are much less stressful than last. He has however been hideously sick once with a stomach bug and now with some kind of fever/sore throat. Of course the core-men have no clue what's going on and have given him nothing. -_- He's taking night quill of his own accord. But he's safe and that's whats important.

I've been good, reading and embroidering and sewing. I'll do another post soon, once i get pictures (I've had an excellent mail week)taken and all that fun stuff. I walked in my college graduation and have one more class this fall before I graduate! Adn then, matthew will be home and it's our last deployment! I bet you can tell I'm happy!

I hope everyone is doing well!