Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quick Update

I really think the Yarn Harlot is bad for me. Just reading her books gave me the strongest urge to visit a yarn store (not the Dragon lady's that will be soon enough) and buy yarn. So after 24 hours (I'm weak,I know. I love shopping) I went down to Sit N Knit ( and bought me some beautiful yarn. Lust-yarn fix. I bought 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss cashmerino dk and 2 skeins of 100% wool hand-dyed. Can I tell you that was some of the most expensive yarn I've ever bought? $9.90 and $9.00 a skein (respectively). I know some will say that's nothing but up until today the most expensive yarn I've bought was 6.50 (the furry yarn of doom). Soooo $40.00 bucks for 4 skeins. Good lord. Good thing I worked today. Anywhoo here's the yarn in question: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Beautiful no? It did make me think and add a feature to my blog. I'm going to keep track of exactly how much knitting is going to cost me and we'll see how far it goes. Or high I should say. You'll find it to the right of my posts --> that way-->

Although with the cashmerino I think I'm going to crochet with (hey I'm an equal opportunity craftster) and make myself a scarf. or mabey I'll just knit it. Who knows.


Greetings! First post and tiny step into the ocean of knitting. Ok, so really I've already taken that step know..I haven't blogged it yet. Ha. Blogged.
I'm starting my very first knitting class ever on Monday with the Dragon Lady. I'd say Knitting Nazi buutttt....she has a German accent so it feels slightly inappropriate. I like-Dragon Lady. I went into her store and asked after classes and such (the usual, how much, how many etc..) and she did answer them but boy, she was Stern. She walked me over to the yarn pile she uses for new knitters (expencive stuff) and ... it's furry. Furry! I'm not a big "fur" person, if at all -should I choose to be honest. So I asked her very nicely if I could use a different yarn. Bad idea. She went off on this tirade about how new knitters get discouraged when they have to rip things out over and over so the fur hides the mistakes.

So I gently mentioned that, I'm ok with ripping out (I've been doing crochet for 3.5 years, I'm used to ripping) and then she went on another tirade about how people walk in saying they'll just use "Michael's" yarn and how that's just not right. Wait, wait wait. Did I mention anything about Michael's? No. I'm only standing in a yarn shop crammed full of yarn and she thinks I'm not going to buy from her? She has...issues...about People and their yarn it seems. The final kicker is when I went to leave she said, "Now don't do anything!(I had taught myself casting on/off knit and purl) I'm going to teach you continental and that is the better way. You won't waste hours of your life if you knit continental." I don't know about you but people yelling at me to not do something usually (unless my life is in danger) makes me want to it... So I did. I just practiced the basic Knit and Purl casting on and off. Nothing fancy. Boy did I feel like a rebel. Bad to the bone!

I just ordered the new Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book who's title escapes me at the moment (Edit: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off), but I'm excited. Her books are lovely and humorous and make me giggle out loud. Hard explaining stash hidey-holes to my fiancee though. He'd try to stop me before it got too big...mabey...