Friday, November 30, 2007

Knitting, Hubby and New Skilz!

I am officially now Alexis Tabor!! I went down to the SS office and got my named changed. How exciting!!! And to amuse you with pictures of the happy couple (1/2 of which was off learning to throw grenades and DIDN'T CALL HIS WIFE TO LET HER KNOW HE'S ALIVE-not that I'm bitter or anything):

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This picture makes me smile. :)
Moving onto knitting:

So I finished a bag for an x-mas gift and i'm less than pleased. The whole thing just seems so unfinished and really, kind of blah. Which means I'm going to have to add something to make it a good gift since it's for my brothers fiancee. Espically since she's painting me a picture in exchange. I hate when I give what I feel is crappy gifts.
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Looking at it more and more I dislike it more and more. Damn.

But for good news!!! I learned a new skill tonight! I learned how to kitchener a toe on a sock!!!! I'm using Sheepaints Briar Rose and finished hte 1st sock of the pair. I've also cast on the 2nd sock. (I'm of the mind set that if you cast the 2nd sock on within 20 minutes of casting off the 1st oyu can avoid SSS *knock on wood*).
(These are true colors by the way. Isnt' it lovely!!!??)
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And now my New TOE!!...Er...Toe Cast off...ahem.
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I'm waiting for my new lace weight from The Loopy Ewe to make a shawl for my best friend for Christmas. :)I'll let oyu know if the hubby survived Grenade throwing 101 as soon as I find out. (not that I'm bitter or anything).

Edited to add:They wound up not tossing grenades thanks to rain. Whew. Glad to see he's alive.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And so it begins again

I'm driving my wonderful husband (still makes me smile to say it) down to Pendleton for more training. He'll be living on base most of the month (although he'll get xmas and our wedding date off-the family hooplah-) and he may get a few weekends here and there off. However, it's still two months of him basically being gone and I've really enjoyed living with him again.

Although I've got to say it kind of feels like this month has been a dream. A very lovely dream.

Knit wise (to make this somewhat related) I've re-cast on the Briar Rose socks and have made decent headway on the old boring purse (39 inches of garter stitch).

Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Food was good.
Knitting was boring.
More food was better.
Pumpkin pie was yummy.
Knitting was still dull and boring.
Mashed Potatoes were fantastic.

Alas, the knitting was still boring. But I'm not knititng something I enjoy, it's a gift know...blah.

However, my thanksgiving was fun and food filled. How can you complain? I actually went to the mall with my hubby on Black Friday and we found parking w/in 3 minutes of arriving... This is of course due to me walking with people to their car and standing in the space until he could bring the car around. Pissed of some silly twit who said, "Just so you know you can't do that" Really? Because I just did. BAM!

It's called being prepared you gas guzzling half wit. But don't get me started on her supped-out truck. Ugh.

And alas, more boring knititng coming my way.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Drink the Night Away

So the hubby wants to go see Saw 4 and some other movie I would absolutely hate, and loathe after he gets off work. Since he has my car and I won't be going anywhere until 10pm at the earliest- I've whipped out the wine to drink while knititng on this "purple bag of boring doom that I really didn't want to make in the first place but it's a christmas gift dammit and I have to do 11 inches, INCHES of st-st TWICE!!!" and listen to Lime and Violet (click their names for their blog-as if you haven't already heard of them. If I've heard of someone that means EVERYONE on the face of this planet already has). It should prove to be amusing. :D

In other news, I've donated a ton of yarn to goodwill (single balls and some cotton I had laying about) and feel much better about the whole stash thing. (as in "the crap is gone" and not "I have too much").

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pictorial Update

I am killing time prior to class to bring you this Pictorial Update. Weee!

Finally here is a picture of the Alpaca Scarf I knit for my cousin:
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Yea! Next up we have the socks I made from one of the 2 skeins I got in a swap (because I have teeny tiny feet)
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And finally! Here is the sock yarn I'm going to be knitting up next:
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Zomg, isn't it beautiful?!?! Can't wait!

Especially since i have NO PROJECTS ON MY NEEDLES! I have some in the que list but not actually on the needles. Weird. I am next knititng up a purple bag from Stitch and Bitch for my future SIL for christmas. That being said, I'm off to cast on!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well the husband has just left to see the movie Beowulf with a friend (I was invited but it's so not my thing) so I am alone after 16 wonderful days of not alone-ness. Hazza.

Not too much knitting has been done. I frogged the Mad Crazy sicks from Fleece Artist (cry) because it was jsut too think of a yarn for my size 3 DPNs. I did however receive 2 skeins of self-patt yarn from a Fall Swap I did:
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So I started that one. Currently the damn this is on hold because the "frickin dag-gone" stitches kept committing knitting suicide and hurtled themselves off the DPN and I've not had the patience to pick up the 9 or so stitches. Buggers.But the color way is neat: reminds me of the cotton candy vendors at the summer Fairs.

I did a K2P2 scarf for my cousin (male) for x-mas out of alpaca yarn (no pictures because I'm a lazy wench) you think that's enough of a gift or do I need to add something to it? Let me know!

My sock yarn club for Yarn Pirate just shipped on friday so it ought to arrive on Monday (yea!) but have I knit with the first shipment yet? No.
I also have Lisa Souza, STR medium weight, Ocean Wind Knits, Fleece Artist and lots of pretty sock yarn I'd like to knit up but my problem is this:

Some of the sock yarn is lightweight. I've only really knitted with medium weight (Jitterbug, Cherry tree Hill) and so always cast on 48 stitches for my sock patterns. When I did this with the Fleece artist (Madder) the stitches were too loose. SO!! If i knit with smaller needles and lightweight yarn: DO I NEED TO CAST ON MORE STITCHES THAN MY 48?!

If not I'm good to go, if I do I'm so screwed. Math and I are not friends.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I will update. Soon. Promise. Lots of pictures.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Absoutly No Knitting!

I've gotten absolutely no knitting done since Friday...Because Matthew Graduated from the Marine Corps Boot Camp!!!!!!
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That was us on family day sitting in my car (he wasn't allowed off base that day) just talking and laughing. One of the best days of my life.

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His mom took that one of us, before she left on family day to give us some time together...No nothing scandalous happened. That sort of thing wasn't allowed. LoL. I love these pictures. And here is what I wore to the Graduation Ceremony:

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Knitty's Intolerable Cruelty!!! I finished all the little loopy things on Halloween before bed, then drove down to San Diego the next day. :D I got allot of complements and Matthew apparently got a few "head nods" the "kind guys give..." LoL.

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Anyway, I'm off to mail out swap packages, get paperwork galore (oh my god the sheer amount of paperwork we have to get...), talk to Marine people, buy stuff (alas, no yarn) and clean because...My bedroom? Does not hold all his military "trash" (aka "stuff") so we have to re-arrange and put some things in storage. Have a fantastic day!!!