Saturday, December 19, 2009

Posted on the Wench at home as well

Happy (ish) Saturday everyone! I've been in kind of a funk lately and haven't really done much of anything useful. Well, except for the fact that I finished my finals! I am done, done, done for 5 glorious weeks. What will I do with myself?

In any event, it doesn't feel like Christmas per-say lately. How can I when it looks like this outside:

And I'm doing this:

Winter is in two days and California was resoundingly cliche with 78 degree weather today. There's a blizzard on the east coast and I can't even get some clouds? Luckily, it's supposed to reach the 60's tomorrow!

But other than Finals and hanging out with some friends and doing a little bit of knitting, not much is going on around Casam Wench. I'm hoping the dissatisfaction and stress and doubts and nerves go away soon, it's driving me batty. Maybe I'll go knit something.

Happy Yule to those who celebrate it.