Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bamboo Shirt...

...had to get ripped. About 6 inches worth because the lady who helped me misunderstood the directions. So my LYS ripped it back for me while having me work on the front of the shirt. Much less painful that way, for which I'm ever so grateful. Consequentiality, I haven't worked on the shirt since Monday and have instead worked on my mom's felted bag. Her color scheme is Lambs Pride Dynamite Blue, Winter Blue and Mulberry all worsted. I think I'll like the color choices better than mine...oh well I will survive.

I am super excited to work on my Alpaca sweater but I must wait. Wait wait wait. I'm close to finishing my bamboo shirt (just the sleeves and neckline (ok and back portion but that'll take 30 mins) to go) and Mother's Day is coming up soon-ish. Also with the while Irish yarn (I still don't know what it is fiber-wise) I really would love to make a shawl so we'll have to see how much I have of it. I also have the best idea I've ever had for my dad for x-mas but I'm waiting because A: no money and B: I NEED TO FINISH THE 2 PROJECTS BEFORE I START ANOTHER ONE! Yes, I must yell at myself from time to time. It's good for me. Wish me speedy knitting so I can move on. :)