Saturday, May 12, 2007

Handspun wishes

So there’s this swap going on at I really, really wanted to get in on but couldn't. It was the Handspun/Handmade Swap. Basically (for those who don't obsess over craftster like me) a spinner sends some of his/her yarn that they made to a knitter or crocheter. Then that person then makes something and sends it back (I assume they send you more than one hank/skein of yarn for you to keep).

I so badly wanted to do this one because I've seen such lovely work done by the spinners on that it's inspiring. I however due to space, money and time (I'm too busy knitting) can't spin my own yarn (or dye it for that matter). So this swap would have been lovely. There are some extremely talented people on craftster that sometime I feel slightly inadequate and intimidated. ......I really, really want the yarn I see on there and I'm sure I'm not the only one. God it's just so....beautiful...

So at the Loreena Mckennitt concert last night the colors in her theme were blue of all shades but mainly (Royal blue, turquoise) deep purples, royal purples bluish purples and a red The colors were amazing. If I could spin and dye those would be what I worked with. Couldn't you just imagine a shawl made with those? Dang.

In other news: I'm almost done with my mom's felted bag. I just need to make the last I-cord and then felt the sucker! Hazza! The renaissance faire I work for opens tomorrow and I wanted to take a bit of knitting with me but circular needles were NOT in the 1450's in Germany so I needed something else. I'm taking the wool I bought back in march (with no previous use in mind) and I'm planning on making a cover for my basket so that people can't see the non-period things.... You know, cell phone, car keys, water bottle, digital camera etc... It'll keep me busy and I'll be period all at the same time. Marvelous!