Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grateful List

I've been really down lately and slightly worried about more than I should. Whenever things threaten to get too overwhelming I make a grateful list.

I'm Grateful for (in no particular order):
Knitting, yarn, Yarn harlot, Alpaca, wooden needles,the mony to buy all the yarn I want, the money to buy expensive yarn, my growing knowledge and skills in knitting (just too keeps things semi-related to knitting), dragon-lady, my mom and dad, Matthew, my cat Ramses, my grandma, music, Loreena McKennitt, dancing, my grades, ceramics, the privilege to drive my own car, singing at the top of my lungs, the ability to sing well, Renn Faire, Chad/Ludwig, Lara, my diamond jewelry (hey, I'm weak, sue me), my Family, my home, food on the table, dried mango's, belly dancing, History classes, Ceramic classes, the ability to walk and think, sight, hearing, BOOKS, my job (or the money it brings in), Joseph/Merlin, Wench Ro, that the wench is preggers, my god and goddess, my lovely backyard, the money in the bank that will take me to Ireland next year, being Pagan, sewing, sewing machine, my knitting bag, clothing, my clothing starting to fit me again, my overly expensive Coach purse and wallet, my basket I use at faire, my up coming vacation to Illinois with my mom on a train!, Labyrinth Ball, Gaelic Storm, being alive, being young enough to make healthy choices, getting accepted into long beach, getting to live on campus at LB, brownies, cupcakes, salads, hot tea (English breakfast and Irish breakfast are my fave's), jewelry, rings (I'm a ring whore), a slim body (as opposed to a too skinny body), rain,poetry, the season of fall, being engaged, the birds outside my window, my comfy bed, my laptop, water, my knitting patterns, my looks ('s not vanity, it's the truth), my stuffed animals, my bicycle, the beach, full moons, musicals, concerts, my hair stylest, the breeze, fairy's, wings, dragons, magic, magick, and laughter.

But this is only a partial list. I need to go since I'm seeing Pirates 3 w/ Matthew and co tonight and still have to drive to his place. I just need to remember there are things in this world that are lovely and that all things must come to an end. Especially the bad things. Those always end and the good things can then pick back up.