Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not yet...

...but soon I will have a good blog post for you. I just need to get through my wedding tomorrow and then I can finally freaking RELAX.

Just sayin.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Week from Hell.

...What do you mean it's only Tuesday? So it's Finals week for my school, oh lucky, lucky me. Monday I get awakened (after staying up until 3 am studying) at 9 am by the step MIL...NINE AM!!! Zomg. I had to be nice and gracious at 9 am. I made my mom tell her i was sleeping and would call her when I woke up. Then went back to sleep until 10. So I'm running around all day getting things on my ToDo list done (read: not studying because I had the whole night and I got home at 4pm). I get home, put my stuff away, knit a little (to decompress) and I get this phone call from work. "Are you on your way to work?" Uh..No. It's monday night, why would I be on my way to work? "We have a show. I told you about it." What show? I know nothing about a show (Mind you we only have shows on the WEEKEND) "I told you about it on saturday" I didn't work on saturday. "Then I must have told you about it on Friday" No, I didn't know anything about a show.

I'm gonna say it: Fuck me. Fuck my job. I'm going to fail one of my classes because they "Couldn't find anyone else to work" so I had to take 5 FUCKING HOURS out of my studying time to work this piece of shit and wound up standing around doing practically NOTHING because we were then over staffed (some customers didn't show up) but was I able to go home? No. Fuck you! So I had to pick which class I was more willing to fail. I made my decision and stayed up the rest of the night working on a portfolio for my class and re-editing papers.

Moving on because I get really fucking bitter and resentful and since i have to work ANOTHER extra show on Friday and be NICE to people, I think I ought to move on. Today saw allot of knititng (4 hours worth as a treat for getting through yesterday) but I wasn't able to post any of it until I finished a take home final (done!). I started on a ribbed hat form Winter Knits kit for my husband's liberty buddy and I'm about half way done:

As well as my solstice socks:

And Matthew got to play with grenades today and survived the experience. This makes me happy (the survival bit). Well I'm off for sleep since I can now guilt free crash for the night (oh but wait, theres that other pesky final tomorrow) oh well. Teh Brain is done.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My brownies ARE better than sex.

My brownies are better than sex!

I love Marines. No, really. I sent my husband and his Liberty buddy back to the base for the week with some brownies I had made for them this weekend. Three went to specific guys (namely the ones who sleep in the bunk-beds next to my husband and don't inform the Sergeants he's calling me during the week when he isn't supposed to) and 3 were left over. Well apparently, one of the guys broke his in half and gave one to his friend to eat. His friend took one bite (I make em big), looked at my husband and said, "This brownie is better than the sex I had this morning!!!"


There have apparently been requests for a full batch this weekend. LMAO. See? You gotta love Marines because they are so...appreciative. *snicker*

So my night has gone much better since my husband told me that. He said he'd try to call on Tuesday (this is when they are playing with grenades) to let me know I'm alive but otherwise it's no calls for me this week. One of his Sergeants said if they are caught on the phones not only will he take the phone away but he'll make it so they can't go home for x-mas. ZOMG. How $&%^@% would we be if that happened to us?

I've decided to crochet granny squares out of misc sock yarn but it's not a project I'm actively working on (other than tonight to clear out some of my f-ing sock yarn). I make the squares as I go but I don't particularly care for granny squares. Especially the weaving in bit. Ugh. But I am almost (Ha) done with two skeins.

My brownies are better than sex. Rock.


I've this thing about Sundays. I'm not sure why but about 1/3 of my Sundays leave me feeling melancholy and slightly uncomfortable. No particular reason really but there you have it.

Knitting wise some things are moving trippingly along and others are doing their best to stop. My solstice socks are about half done, one sock is completed and I am working on the st-st park oo the ankle.

This was the first one prior to finish but theres your idea of what it looks like. The yarn is disgustingly splitty and annoying to work with but I do love the color. Hopefully the next shipment of YP is better quality.

My lace shawl is stopped because i made a mistake somewhere and tat means I have to tink back until I find it. Goody. But it is pretty:

Other than those two things I've nothing on the needles. I'm going to start a hat for my husband's liberty buddy for x-mas but I need the yarn for that so it'll be off to the yarn store for me tomorrow.

Perhaps I ought to study for finals or something...bah.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Procrastination you evil being.

Hello! I'm avoiding my Roman paper that I have to finish writing and is due tomorrow (yet have no time to write tomorrow). Sigh.

So I cast on the Orel Lace Scarf and have worked a few pattern repeats and it's going well so far (knock on wood) but that came to a screeching halt because i haven't had time to sit down and knit really. This weekend was mad crazy driving back and froth from Pendleton and working the whole weekend and baby showers. Also, yesterday (omg it's only Tuesday?!) I belly danced at a local college then went out looking for an outfit to wear for my bridal shower which is tomorrow. Found nothing. Came home and started my paper. Not sure were to go with it so it came to a screeching halt.

Today I meant with the DJ, found an outfit to wear (Banana Republic thank you!) for the Bridal shower tomorrow (omg so not ready), and (SQUEE!) my wedding dress came in a week and a half early so i was able to go and get it tailored and it should be done this weekend! Sooooo excited. I do have pictures but my husband pokes around here from time to time so I can't post any. Boo. It's stunning. I managed to get in a round of knititng on the Solstice socks after frogging the whole damned first one because I cast on the wrong number of stitches (dood) while waiting in line to buy stuff for tomorrow. Blah.

So! I will have to post pictures after the shower (possiably Thursday?) of knititng and the shower. Have a great night guys!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finished Socks and stress

I finished my Briar Rose socks. I'm far, far ot stressed to do any kind of magical linking, so I got them form

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They turned out nice. I also got in my Helen's Lace form Lorna's Laces (also form TLE) but I just need the needles to start my project:
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And I'm far, far to stressed out with my life. To the point where I'm "knititng because if i think about everything going on I will break down and cry" type stress. I RAN OUT OF PAPER FOR MY TO-DO LIST!!!

So it's another pair of st-st socks in Solstice from Yarn Pirate's booty club.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am the lucky recipient of a Sinus Infection. Oh joy! I wound up going to my school's health care facility and getting medication through them-mind you I have 3, count them THREE health care coverages but couldn't access 2 of them. One is through the Marine Corps but I have to go on base to set it up, but I don't have my ID yet and can only go on the weekends during visiting hours which is most likely when they are closed. Gah.

Anyway, I've got my medicinal cocktail and feel only slightly more human since other monthly events have started..You get my drift. Knitting!

I'm past the gusset and just working on the rounds of the foot on the Briar Rose socks 9I keep changing their name) and my yarn came in from The Loopy Ewe last night so I'll be casting on my first lace project today.

At least now that I'm full of medicine my brain only slightly hurts and I'll be able to concentrate tonight....although I do have 2 papers w/ presentations due soon...One I haven't even started the research on. Please, shoot me now.