Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bear's Quilt Shop

My faith, ladies and gents, in humanity has decreased after today's little foray to Bear's Quilt Shop. Sometime between 3am and 7am this morning, someone BROKE IN, and stole several computers, a laptop and printer along with personal information that was on said computers. These are some of the nicest men I've ever had the privilege to know and they are some of the last people on this earth who deserve what happened.

SO! Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon) I believe they'll be having a sale going on to help raise funds (they have insurance but need their deductible paid) so if you are in the area, show your support please. I'll keep you updated on how things go.

But to rob a QUILT SHOP? It disgusts me....

...thankfully they were too f-ing stupid to take any fabric or the finished quilts.

Monday, August 27, 2007

FO's and new Projects

I'm home finally. I've got some chores and such to do before I move to campus on Saturday. For now, I finished the baby blanket I was working on-yea! I'ts Sleepy Time SeaShells and is loverly in organic cotton.

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I also started a new sock, just to get me through the train ride home, and I've cast on for the next one. The pattern is the Basic Sock by Edie Eckman.
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I've got my knitting class tonight (yea! Sanity!) and a ton of chores to do between now and then. have a good one!

Monday, August 13, 2007


We went to Stitches Midwest Saturday evening and then most of the day Sunday. Saturday, I taught my mom how to cast on and knit in the contential style and bought my first pair of STK. Yea! On Sunday, I bought my first drop spindle, roving, 2 skeins of highland wool in a deep blue heathered color, a hank of sock yarn (the name escapes me atm), stitch markers, the book Victorian Lace Today, a head muff ear thingy (I swear I'll get pictures) and a Christmas gift. But, alas, I'm still at the Little Town USA Public library wherein I can't post any pictures. Blah. Hopefully I'll be able to bring my laptop over to my Aunt's house and hi-jack her Internet. :D Then, THEN I can do a huge major post. Including, but not limited to, finished projects, WIP's, and yarn p0rn. Woot! Oh, and update how much I've spent on knitting...Gah...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Update

Here I am at the Public Library in Little Town USA, since I can't get any connection from my laptop. That does mean that I can't update with pictures but I can tell you what's been going on.

Matthew left on Tuesday and the only thing keeping me sane is Lime and Violet's podcast. I knitted a pair of socks on the train (just st-st stitch) and I'm working on my bolero and baby blanket now. I'm just trying to relax and de-stress which will be so helped by Stitches Midwest!!! We are leaving tomorrow for a 4 hour drive and are spending the night up north. I've never been before and I'm super excited.

I'd go on but my allotted time is up so off I must go. Have a lovely day, and I'll have to post more later!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quick Knitted Projects....

...To distract me from my desperation to knit with my new sock yarn. I've got these 2 balls of Jitterbug Sock Yarn that I so badly want to knit but I must wait for the train ride to start. So tomorrow around 8pm I'm casting those suckers on like theres no tomorrow (ok, I might be if I'm capable and sane enough).

In the meantime, I've started 2 projects and finished 3 with no clue as what to do with myself now. First, I bought some Alpaca from Yarn Lady awhile back and started on a Moss Seed Stitch scarf in blue and green. It was more to amuse me over the weekend until I could start my next project really since I was a new knitter and didn't know how to read any sort of pattern. Anyway once the next project got started it got put away. Well...I finished it last night and here it is for your viewing enjoyment!

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Ta DAA!I also got a USMC Dishcloth pattern in the mail from a craft swap I did and knitted that up in 2 hours on Friday in Sugar N Cream yarn. The first image shows the pattern the second the color of the yarn.

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THis morning (While listening to LimeNViolet) I casted on a Filippi Scarf from "One Skein Wonders" and finishe dit a few hours ago. I knitted it up in Soy Wool Stripes and used up little under a skein.

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Of course, now I don't have any other quick projects to knit. Gah! Must not knit socks!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Not so Much knitting

I was stash busting and made another baby blanket for Binky Patrol (go check them out) and used up 4ish balls of Lion Brand Homespun. Some of the yarn were reminents and some were full balls. It took about 3 days off and on to do, it's all just double crochet. I'm pleased with how the over all idea came out but I had two different dye lots. I bought them back when I had no idea what dye lots DAAAA!

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I'm also working on a Moss Seed Stitch Scarf to use up 4 mini skeins of Classic Alpaca (2 green 2 blue) just because I love me some Alpaca!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yarn Porn, Ball Winder and Grumpy Fay

Yesterday was an ok day. I started on the Sleepy Time Seashells Blanket from "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans" in 100% Organic Cotton. Right now I'm short a stitch (it keeps happening!!! arg!!) and I don't have the heart to go back and find it. I'm currently working on the 3rd pattern set and while it is being difficult right now, I still enjoy it. It's an easy pattern to follow (the most difficult things are YO and K4TG) but still more interesting than the other things I've been doing. See?
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So it's a bit wider now than in the picture and has a more greenish tint but it was hard to photograph. I'm also working on a Sparkle Bolero by Martin Storey in Rowan Calmer that has a reddish-purpleish hue to it. It's in this off set K2 P2 rib that when you work it, creates ridges (that are different that a K2P2 Rib). The yarn itself is lovely to work with, nice and stretchy, but I'm worried about the pattern. I'm leaving for Illinois on Monday and I've never made a bolero before. Erm. I'll be ok on the back but the front? Tricky tricky.
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And now, for some lovely yarn porn. The first comes all the way from Australia and is hand dyed for yours truly in a super wash merino. The second is a jitterbug sock yarn that I'm dying to knit up but have to wait until I'm on the train to work with.

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Yesterday I also bought a swift and ball winder. Finally! I have this issue it seems, where all the yarn I buy is in a hank not a ball. That of course meant every time I'd go yarn shopping I'd have to ask my LYS to wind it for me. I felt really bad because I keep buying hanks. I mean, I'm buy stuff so I shouldn't, but it seems like a hassle.