Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ok, just 2 days until I see my husband again. I am going crazy in the process. I finished my purple and pink socks and STILL have yarn left over from each skein. Gah. I'm STILL not finished with Intolerable Cruelty, so tomorrow prior to school I'm running mt arse down to the knitting shop to get help then finishing it as soon as freaking possible. I've started another pair of st-st socks (I promise one day I'll branch out) in Fleece Artist. Not sure how I like the yarn itself but the color way is lovely (Madder). I'm calling them my Mad Crazy Socks. I also just bought this beautiful skein from The Loopy Ewe which I'll link to eventually. And post pictures.

But here's what my pink and purple socks look like:
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I've cleaned, knitted, done homework and I'm still going stark-raving waiting for Thursday. Oh my gods. Now I'm off to take pain killers for this nasty headache, finish cleaning (hahahahahahaha), grab my costume form storage for tomorrow (extra credit if I wear it to class), make my fall swap stuff (soooooo pretty! I'll show you later), do more homework, shop for a few snacks for Matthew (at his request) and...and...knit?

Feel free to send yarn and/or booze my way.

Or Nitrous Oxide. I do enjoy that when I'm at the dentist.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yarn Buying

I am buying yarn today. I need the therapy after yesterday.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tra La La Avoiding the Homework

I only have 6, count them SIX DAYS until I see my Hubby again!!!!! I hate boot camp. Minor panic earlier in the week, with all the fires going on in San Diego I had heard rumors that Graduation was going to be held off but, HA HA I didn't believe them and turns out the rumors were wrong. Thank god. So my hubby will be a Marine on Nov. 2nd. Which means I get to se ehim on Nov 1st!!!! Whew.

I finished my Pumpkin socks (alas, no pictures yet) and cast on another pair from previous skeins of yarn to use them up so I can take them off my stash.

No new news on Intolerable Cruelty being completed, I haven't had knitting class in 2 weeks since the owners husband had cancer removal surgery from his stomach. I think I'm going to have to figure out the rest on my own and I am TERRIFIED that I'm going to F it up. Sigh. I'm sleepy for some unknown reason, so I'm going to go look at the amount of homework I should be doing and then start knitting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Homework Avoidance

Morning. So I have this homework due and it doesn't look like I'll actually be doing it...Just sayin. So!

Intolerable Cruelty: The knitting is DONE! YES! All I have to do is sew the elastic waist band in and make the little loops for the lacing and I'm all set to go. This isn't the best picture but I'll get more once it's all said and done.
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Now the Pumpkin socks: Broke one of my bamboo needles. sad. Very, very sad. I only knit with 4 at a time so I was able to switch it out using the 5th one, but still. I'm one needle short of a set (lmao).
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And finally! I got my first shipment in of yarn pirate sock club. The yarn is smoochy and I love how soft it is. The colors are not a combo I would have ever picked out for myself but none-the less I'm looking forward to seeing how it's knitted up. It's called "Killer bees". LoL.
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I've joined a KAL for sock knitting/sock yarn de-stash if only because I've always wanted to do a KAL and I'm really looking forward it it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

(lacking in a catchy title)

Hello! I'm ALMOST done with Intolerable Cruelty!!! Yea!! I'm working on the 3 inch ruffle at the end of the skirt. I slipped it on yesterday and took some pictures, but i have to edit them. That whole "Knitted skirt" thing and needing a slip for underneath. >< The skirt is a little loose, but I assume once I sew the waist band in it'll fit much better. Now I just have to finish the ruffle, crochet the loops for the ribbon and sew in the waist band. Ces't fin!

My pumpkin socks are still in progress. One is finished and the other I'm still working on the cuff. In my defence I had a midterm in my wicked-boring class on Thursday so I couldn't spend the time knitting. Any free bulk of time (read:when I should be working on my research paper) is taken up by knititng my skirt... Yes, yes my priorities are straight, thanks for asking! Hee hee.

I cannot WAIT for November 1st, I'm so looking forward to see my Husband again. SOOOO EXCITED! Aside form LimeNViolet and knitting the other thing that's really kept me sane is my new Military Wives Group on Ravelry. Those women give me hope and inspire (just don't ever say to them, "I don't know how you do it!" "It" being deployment. They may kill you. :P ). Lol. Well, hopefully I'll get pictures tomorrow up on the site, work tomorrow will be hell (feel free to prove me wrong Universe) since we are expecting 104 people for the 1st show and the room only comfortably holds 90ish. Wish me luck!

[edited to add: oh my god 376 stitches per row x's 3 inches=PAIN!]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Intolerably Cruelty

Wee I got a letter from my Hubby in boot camp only 17 days until he graduates (16 until I see him again)!

I'm at the halfway mark on my Intolerable Cruelty skirt, 11 inches to be exact (out of 22). Thank goodness I'm past the nerve wracking part. Now it's all st-st stitches and a few more decreases. And the Ruffle, but I'm not going to worry about that yet. OMG. I still haven't gone shopping for a shirt for it yet. >< Sometimes my forgetfulness is annoying.

So I have a midterm today but instead of doing last minuet studying, I'm going to knit. Knit, knit, knit.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Not much of Knitting

Well, not too much knitting went on this weekend because I was belly dancing at a wedding on Sunday and had to practice between work.
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Yea! Dance dance dance!

Just so this is knitting related, heres a finished shot of my felted bag. Woo hoo! It's an awesome book bag for school. :)
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are we there yet?

Can it be November 1st yet? I miss my husband and want him home.

My knitting is progressing. Pictures later since i have to get ready for work.

Boo. I want Matthew back k thanx.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Time for an UPDATE! Woooo.

Are we excited yet?! SO! I finished my socks on Wednesday using yarn from The Hand Painted Sheep (dusk). Go check Laura's site out, she is teh roxsors. :) So here are my socks in all their lovely goodness!
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Ta Daaa! Pretty no? I also started Knitty's Intolerable Cruelty on Thursday and while I do have a picture, it's not current anymore since I've been knitting like MAD on it since I started. (5 hours Friday, 3 hours Saturday). I'm MUCH farther along.
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Much. I'm little over 7 inches. Weeeee. I've felted the scrap bag I was working on and now it's sitting in my bathtub drying. Here it is pre felting:
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I'm pretty pleased with how it all came out. Not too bad. I also bought yarn. Sock yarn to be exact. I knew I should not but...the inner part of my soul that only lives for October and all it implys jumped up and SCREAMED to get it. Look. It's Pretty.
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HOW I ask you was I supposed to resist? Yes I know I have a ton of sock yarn I've not used yet (Lisa Souza, Socks that Rock and Shaffer Anne) but with those I feel like doing only st-st socks isn't using them to their full potential. I'm going to try Monkey socks from Knitty with the Lisa Souza eventually. Promise.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Socky Sanity!

I've been knitting these socks for a few days now (I only put them down for work, school, sleeping, eating and showering-all of which take up an annoying ammount of time) and have yet to thank the lady who sent them my way. I'm a horrible person. I will today though, I'll put i ton my to-do list.

The socks are going well, I've finished one and am on the gusset decreases as we speak. I was up late last night working on it while listening to Lime and Violet, but forced myself to stop else I have nothing to knit in my boring class of DOOM!

The color-way is beautiful and looks like the clouds it was created after once it's all knitted up. The yarn itself is a little splitty but I've managed well enough since all I'm doing is a st-st sock. No, I haven't started on the jay-walker, I need to though. The yarn for Knitty's Intolerable Cruelty is supposed to come to my house today, here's hoping. No pictures as of yet on the socks, but I should be done with them tonight.