Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Socky Sanity!

I've been knitting these socks for a few days now (I only put them down for work, school, sleeping, eating and showering-all of which take up an annoying ammount of time) and have yet to thank the lady who sent them my way. I'm a horrible person. I will today though, I'll put i ton my to-do list.

The socks are going well, I've finished one and am on the gusset decreases as we speak. I was up late last night working on it while listening to Lime and Violet, but forced myself to stop else I have nothing to knit in my boring class of DOOM!

The color-way is beautiful and looks like the clouds it was created after once it's all knitted up. The yarn itself is a little splitty but I've managed well enough since all I'm doing is a st-st sock. No, I haven't started on the jay-walker, I need to though. The yarn for Knitty's Intolerable Cruelty is supposed to come to my house today, here's hoping. No pictures as of yet on the socks, but I should be done with them tonight.