Saturday, October 20, 2007

(lacking in a catchy title)

Hello! I'm ALMOST done with Intolerable Cruelty!!! Yea!! I'm working on the 3 inch ruffle at the end of the skirt. I slipped it on yesterday and took some pictures, but i have to edit them. That whole "Knitted skirt" thing and needing a slip for underneath. >< The skirt is a little loose, but I assume once I sew the waist band in it'll fit much better. Now I just have to finish the ruffle, crochet the loops for the ribbon and sew in the waist band. Ces't fin!

My pumpkin socks are still in progress. One is finished and the other I'm still working on the cuff. In my defence I had a midterm in my wicked-boring class on Thursday so I couldn't spend the time knitting. Any free bulk of time (read:when I should be working on my research paper) is taken up by knititng my skirt... Yes, yes my priorities are straight, thanks for asking! Hee hee.

I cannot WAIT for November 1st, I'm so looking forward to see my Husband again. SOOOO EXCITED! Aside form LimeNViolet and knitting the other thing that's really kept me sane is my new Military Wives Group on Ravelry. Those women give me hope and inspire (just don't ever say to them, "I don't know how you do it!" "It" being deployment. They may kill you. :P ). Lol. Well, hopefully I'll get pictures tomorrow up on the site, work tomorrow will be hell (feel free to prove me wrong Universe) since we are expecting 104 people for the 1st show and the room only comfortably holds 90ish. Wish me luck!

[edited to add: oh my god 376 stitches per row x's 3 inches=PAIN!]