Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tra La La Avoiding the Homework

I only have 6, count them SIX DAYS until I see my Hubby again!!!!! I hate boot camp. Minor panic earlier in the week, with all the fires going on in San Diego I had heard rumors that Graduation was going to be held off but, HA HA I didn't believe them and turns out the rumors were wrong. Thank god. So my hubby will be a Marine on Nov. 2nd. Which means I get to se ehim on Nov 1st!!!! Whew.

I finished my Pumpkin socks (alas, no pictures yet) and cast on another pair from previous skeins of yarn to use them up so I can take them off my stash.

No new news on Intolerable Cruelty being completed, I haven't had knitting class in 2 weeks since the owners husband had cancer removal surgery from his stomach. I think I'm going to have to figure out the rest on my own and I am TERRIFIED that I'm going to F it up. Sigh. I'm sleepy for some unknown reason, so I'm going to go look at the amount of homework I should be doing and then start knitting.


LCharvon said...

Yay! on rumors not being true!

I'm so glad you'll be there on Nov 1st to see him graduate. You've waited a long time, I know!

Congrats! (and to him, but we know YOU had the hardest part!!)