Thursday, July 3, 2008

HenCircle and my Inner Farm Girl

Hello!I'm not sure who's reading from where, but I joined the Plurkett Sisterhood (ie: ) Enjoy that btw, I am. So to my fellow sisters:

My name is Alexis, I'm 23 years old, Married to a U.S. Marine and trying to find a way to cope and deal with the world around me (sounds profound eh?). I have to be honest, I'm scared for the future for the world (terrified and depressed might be better adjectives) and how we'll all be able to deal,but the energy from people *Waking up* is amazing and beautiful.

I got into knitting little over a year ago and it has saved my sanity time and time again. If it wasn't for knitting I wouldn't have found Lime and Violet's podcast and they saved me from 2 major breakdowns, and probably many more. It's interesting to see how parallel my life is with others, I've wanted to knit for forever, sew (I got a sewing machine xmas 06 and looove it), make my own essential oil smell good things and oh, all sorts of stuff for as long as I can remember. Now I found people who want the same!

As for my inner farm girl, I live in an apartment in So Cal with a cement slab for a back yard (it's prettier than that really, check out my Feb 08 blog posts). Every summer I used to visit family out in Southern Illinois and would get to play on various family farms (but mostly indoors, bugs and heat I like not) and even got to pick and shuck corn one year. I've never grown anything myself and while I can for sure try (I almost said do-best not tempt fate) the potted plant thing on my patio, the trees outside are COVERED in spider webs and I'm arachnaphobic. I have a feeling those bastards would try to make a home on my plants. OH! And i only get about 3 hours of direct sunlight a day.

But I'm so energized and excited to start getting in touch with my inner farm girl. I want to make aprons (though the only one i wear is for work at the restaurant), bake bread from scratch, learn to cook in general, decorate my home, keep my sanity while Matthew goes on deployment, craft, create, inspire, and regain my spirituality.

And now, let me leave you with a dose of farm girl zen (My knitting nook).


Pat said...

Hi Alexis, aka Farm Girl, it's just too bad we're so far apart and I'm old enough to be your mother. (Not mentally though) We have so much in common. Check out She's showing how to make cute aprons!!