Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Pictures

So Ok I'm lazy, uber lazy and will try my best to not do a series of pictures (ha ha). First up are from my FIL's camera while we were taking out 2nd series of Old Time Pictures:
I actually think I look cute. Yea! And the 2nd one I thought was neat with both of our eyes hidden.

Skip forward a few days to where we leave his mom and step-dad's house and drive to Silverlake where his dad's side of the family owns a cabin (his great grandpappy helped build the CA aqueduct or some such and was granted federal land).The drive up:
Here is my Super Sexy Husband on the front porch:
Which Faces THIS:

How freaking amazing is that? It's gorgeous. I have over 200 pictures that I just can't get through them all. It's so lovely there (if a tad too rustic for my bug-feared tastes) but my favorite spot (and your moment of FarmGirl Zen) is this:


Love. Will be back. And hopefully next time he'll know how to turn on the propane so we can have hot water to shower. (That is melted SNOW water there to FREEZE your girly bits off-needless to say I didn't take a shower).


Topaz said...

What a fantastic view from the porch! Love the old timey pics too! Looks like you enjoyed the vacay and you sure deserved it :)

Alyssa said...

That's the best porch view I've ever seen!