Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Swapy Goodness

So i was involved in the Loopy Ewe Swap over on Ravelry and my awesome partner (not sure I can say who she is) completely, totally, utterly spoiled the freaking rotten out of me. No, seriously. Check this out!

That is a whole bunch of stuff right there. SO here are the edible goodies:

matthew totally jumped on the honey and claimed it for himself (I think he was feeling left out...the box was freaking huge):

Then we have the fairy and moon bar soap (the detailing is amazing), soak wash samples (yum!) and a cute sock blocker key chain (which is on my key ring as we speak):

A namaste pouch (love, love, love) and Punky's Place bag (the cute one with the handel) a tape measure with butterflys and flowers on it, and gorgeous stitch markers:

Here's the close up of the stitch markers:

BUT! That's not all! (I save my two favorite's for last because they are A-freaking-mazing). Twisted Flower Sock's by Cookie A. done up in ChameleonColorworks color Cobalt (I own a skein of it myself) and they fit like a dream!! I want to be as talented as her for she knit me socks that are to die for!!

And Oh. My. God. My head EXPLODED when I opened this:

She spun me 300yards of Crown Mountain Farm's roving in the Layla colorway. For me. Hand spun yarn (and a ton of it) for me. I may have teared up a little (I'd explain why but then we get into that whole self-esteem crap) and the color is exactly what I would have picked. And it's so even! I could totally make a pair of house socks out of this (if i knew how many stitches to co in sportweight and on what size needles.
I can't believe how amazing this package was. My head kind of exploded with I had finished opening it all (which is why it took me so long to write this-I totally had to calm down).

In other news I finished another pair of socks but more on that next time, I've been chatty enough I think. Happy knitting!


Opal said...

Wow! What an awesome package! The handspun is especially delicious. :)

Brena said...

She did spoil you! The socks are amazing!

meliabella said...

What a beautiful package! :) And those socks!!!

You should give spinning a go. I think you'd like it! :)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Beautiful beautiful yarn.

Find out your gauge with the new yarn and go from there.

Pat said...

That's an amazing package. I love that yarn also. And the socks she made you are beautiful.

guiltypleasures said...

Holy freaking you know what! What an amazing package! Just the time put into making those socks and spinning that yarn is jaw dropping. That swap partner of yours has some major talent going on.

MissVicki said...

OK, I am heading straight to Rav this minute to hunt down the pattern for those socks. They are possibly the yummiest socks I have ever seen. You have done very well, your partner is obviously wonderful. Oh, and if I can spin, then you can spin :-)