Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July and a bit of rambling

Happy 4th of July (even though I've 2 hours to go)

So tomorrow, I have work form 10-am to 3 and then a party/bbq/welcome home at my best friends place. I'll probably trade out the beer for yarn. But we also have company coming over to go to the party and they'll be crashing here. I still wish I was strictly a house wife so my house could be *pristine* like it was when I wasn't working versus spending the last 2 days or so making it look like I have. -_- Or something along those lines. Anyway the house guests are 2 guys and one's wife. Whom I met before, but she had brought along her girlfriends so it wasn't like she was talkative with me. Awkward silences much?

It really pains me to admit this because it's so goddamned catty, bitchy and dare I say spiteful, but I totally want her to see my home and wish her's could be like mine. See? I'm a total bitch. I feel bad about it because hello, her and her husband still live with 2 other marines, and gods know they are not the cleanest creatures on the planet. Sigh. Does anyone else feel like this? I mean, it is also about taking pride in my home and thinking to myself, "This is awesome" but do I need to be so damn catty? Where's my bowl of cream?

Ok farm girl stuff (pat, have you joined? you should :P). I've always wanted a country/cottage themed home but the red's and gold's and green's (or bright cheery yellow's) never quite appealed to me. And I was looking at the curtains at target (because let's be honest, it's more cost effective to buy $40 curtains than $100 material to make curtains-that's allot of knittin' time there) and I was literally stressed out. Back and forth on the colors. Should i grab the plum colored faux silk ones that I loved so much or the green? I couldn't see how I wanted the house to be decorated and it was driving me nuts! Not to mention the other guy coming over helped my husband hang the curtain rod in our "dining room" last time he was over and I wanted to make sure he knew I appreciated his efforts.

ANYWAY... It then hit me. As I was walking through Michael's (I bought the plum curtains-purple is my favorite color ever) fake flower section I realized that what I had gotten was PERFECT. They have started putting out fall stuff in the flower section and I walked by an arrangement that had the deep red, gold, brown and PLUM colors-all fall and harvesty. Hot damn! Wait, where was I going with this? Oh! So my country theme will simply be red's gold's and purple's. :D The Curtains btw? Look amazing.

I'll have to post pictures later, but for now I'm off to finish cleaning....meeeeoowww.


Brena said...

It's hard to admit but I'm like that as well. I think that mine is deeply rooted in that most of the people I know have sooo much help from their parents, where mine basically kicked me out at 18 and have been asking for bail money ever since (ok, only once). When people who bitch and moan about how their parents should give them more come over to the house I want to jump around and say "See!!!! See this??? It's allll mine. I did it all by myself I don't need anybody and I have a beautiful home and I'm craftier than you and a better hostess than you so there." It's crazy. I know that it stems from jealousy. I wish I didn't resent people just because they're spoiled.

Pat said...

Are we sure you're not my daughter, err, I mean sister? Why couldn't my daughter be more like you? She doesn't cook or do any crafts. For Pete's Sake she hates to SHOP!!!