Friday, July 11, 2008


Good morning everyone. Knitting has finally decided to be my friend again and I finished the 1st sock of my 5th pair of SoS08 (also known as my Cousin's Xmas gift). Pretty stuff and it feels so soft. (Cherry Tree Hill). I also embroidered a tea towel the other night but don't have pictures because I'm waiting to wash all the blue ink off from what I didn't cover with thread. It'll be a set of Weekday towels so I still have Tuesday-Sunday to do.

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow with Mathew to drive up north to visit his mom and step-dad in Monterey and then head to his dad's Family's cabin in Mammoth for a few days. Bitter sweet I think because while it's great to get away, it's for his pre-deployment leave. Sometimes I can't keep the horrible thoughts at bay and I can't help but think, "Where the hell did the year go?" He joined his Company Feb. 2nd, and now it's almost time to deploy?

Granted, it's in October but He is gone training all of august and part of September, home to do legal paperwork (Trusts, wills, PoA, figuring out what he'd want at his funeral) then he's gone. For 7 months. He is still applying for Officer's School and if he get's accepted, he'll be going from Iraq to Virginia in January, but due to how long that lasts, he'll still be gone the same amount of time. So while yes, it'll be a good trip, I'd rather be stuck here in the daily swing of things and have him here with me.

On that positive, upbeat note, I'm off to knit for awhile. xoxo


Pat said...

You've just got to stop thinking like that! You'll go crazy before he even leaves. Odds are he'll be fine. You have to have faith, yes, that's coming from me. Perhaps I'm talking to myself. Anyways, I know what I'm saying is true. Take deep breaths and enjoy him now.

TheWench said...

Thank you guys. :) I think it's just one of those weeks. (They are becoming more frequent of course) but I am feeling much better. :)