Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sweaters, Alpaca and Dressers

So today my best friend and I went to Ikea to look for bedroom stuff for her so she could change around her room. I needed a dresser ("I" being "we", "we" being "Matthew and I"-anyway) so we picked one out and naturally, couldn't find anything for her. We brought it home (because Ikea makes you put the damned things together) and spent the next 3 hours putting it in place. Here she is modeling the lovely thing:

Hopefully Matthew will like it. Oh! Here is where I am after ripping back 4 hours worth of work on my Cap-Sleeved tee:

I'm actually further along now but you get the general idea yes? Turns out there was no problem with the ripping back and so I have been blissfully knitting along while watching Sailor Moon the first season (oh my god the memories).

So here is a question for you all: I have a ton of Alpaca yarn I have no clue what to do with:
2440 yards of the small green one, and 1000 yards of the grey one and 332 yards of the brown. Any suggestions?


AlanaMarie said...

i love ikea!!!!

we are staying with family we are in Northern VA right now at MIL house, i love cross country journeys!

Leigh said...

Wow! I'm very jealous that you have the patience to knit sweaters. I need the instant gratification of socks.:) As far as what to do with the alpaca - I think it needs to be something drapey, like a stole. I saw a pretty one following a link from Ravelry (Angel Wings Stole from O/C Knitiot). Good luck!