Sunday, January 13, 2008

{Insert Catchy Title Here}

So apparently there are rumors (as usual) flying around the squad bay that some guys might be stationed in Hawaii.... So My husband asks me how I feel about it. Now I'm sure everyone's gut reaction would be "Hell yes! It's Hawaii!!!" Which admittedly would rock but I logically know that we'd be better off if we stayed in So Cal. I'm waffling back and forth on the issue (no, I don't think we'll actually be in Hawaii) since the same thoughts and feelings apply to if we were sent out to 29 Palms (3 hours away from my parents so 3.5 from school).

But Hawaii would be kind of cool don't you think? I highly doubt we'd be lacking in company. -_- We'd probably see more of Everyone than we'd really want to (we are not the most social of creatures).

In knititng related news I'm 95% done with the Cap-sleeve tee by Ms. Japel. Eh on the fit despite getting gauge pictures to come once I finish the neckline and block it (oh and find a clasp).

(And no I honestly don't think we'd be stationed in would be too cool).

.....(people mentioned we'd be bored as hell after the first month or so but I feel I ought to point out that we are complete home-bodies. It'd take us a year or so to do that months worth of sight seeing. Just sayin'.)


Brena said...

Hawaii would be cool!!!!

I understand about the homebody thing. Sometimes I feel guilty that we never want to go out. It's not that we don't like people, it's just that we really like being with just each other. And Michael has social anxiety disorder so...

It sounds like your Cap-Sleeve tee is coming along quickly! I always have such a hard time finding buttons and clasps and such. I have an idea in my mind and I can never find anything that matches up!

MissVicki said...

If you can't find a clasp you like you could make a frog closure out of i-cord.