Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monkey's on my Lace

Hello everyone! I started school this past week and so far it seems to be going well. My first class is Classical Archeology and while the Professor is interesting (ish-but at least I'm not bored to tears) I do have an idiot in the class who is desperate to correct my pronouncation of random words... Uh huh. RUDE much? However, I am amazing sauce and just turned to him and ever so sweetly replied, "What did you just say?" (bluster mumble "Nothing") "That's what I thought". Ahem. My other class (I only signed up for two lest Matthew and I had to move) is the Underworld and I love that professor. He is awesome, but that's a whole other blog post (and not in that way). :)

I am working on: My first pair of Lace socks and NON st-st to boot. They are Cookie A's Monkey Socks done in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blue Moonstone Colorway. They are far, far too big for myself so I am making them for my mom. Which ties in sentimentally to our trip out to Illinois back in August when we went to Stitches Midwest and I bought them from The Fold. Mom isn't around right now so you'll have to see what it looks like on my feet-no laughing.



I'm actually further along, but you get the general idea. I'm kind of afraid that I'm going to run out halfway through the second sock (which would then make me buy another skein of yarn and-whoops! Some Raven might just follow that home) but we'll have to see.

Next up is my Secret of the Stole 2 KAL I've been working on and just finished. The second clue that is. The 3rd comes out tomorrow and that will be hopefully prior to when I leave for Camp Pendleton to see Matthew graduate. He's got check in but we aren't sure when he'll be able to leave so after 10:30 I get to sit around on base all day. If I've got clue 3 I can then sit in the library and stay entertained for hours! I love this color by the way and the yarn is absolutely lovely to work with (Jagger Spun Wool/Silk 2/18 laceweight)


And I was actually going to post about the wonderful Sit&Knit I went to on Monday but this is getting a little long so I shall save that for tomorrow (because I'll have to post pictures of my sexy Marine

ETA: LoL!!! I didn't even realize that on my stole, the right half of the pins used to hold it down are yellow, and the left orange! I didn't plan it that way! Hehehe