Monday, January 7, 2008

Finished Projects and Frustration

So I am working on Stefanie Japel's Split-Neckline cap-sleeve tee from her book Fitted Knits. I've just finished 4 hours of work and come to find out that despite reading the directions obsessively carefully, 4 times, I still managed to read them wrong (I checked the errata for it) so I have to frog 22+ rows of my sweater.

Naturally this means I'll finally update with all my FO's and counters.

First up: 3 Hats from the Holiday Knits Kit. One for me (made from handdyed from MissVicki), my husband and his friend from training (debbie bliss Cashmierno aran):



And then we have 2 gifts a-la Miss Violet from LimeNViolet for the in-laws:Both made from noro silk garden).

And once again I frogged the madder sock-this time because it was too small. WTF? Sigh. I'm a bit nervous about ripping back on my Fitted Knits shirt because I've never ripped only to a certain part before. >< Gah and I was sooooo close to only having to do the st-st for 16 inches! (I love me some mindless knittin') I'm also doing that one in the Cashmerino Aran from Debbie Bliss too. The Top/light color is the main color and the bottom is the lining.

I'm off to stare depressingly at my sweater and pulling out some scrap yarn. *sigh* Wish me luck!


Brena said...

You're brave! I've ripped to a certain point before, it's not too bad.

I can't wait to see it completed! I love so many patterns in that book and that is one of my favs.

Miri said...

When ripping back to a particular spot in a sweater piece, I find a spare circ several sizes smaller and thread it through that row or close to it. Remove working needle and rrrrrrip. Transfer stitches from spare needle onto working needle. Now you are close enough to tink a row or 2 or knit back up a row or 2 to get where you need to be. Ta-da!