Monday, November 5, 2007

Absoutly No Knitting!

I've gotten absolutely no knitting done since Friday...Because Matthew Graduated from the Marine Corps Boot Camp!!!!!!
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That was us on family day sitting in my car (he wasn't allowed off base that day) just talking and laughing. One of the best days of my life.

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His mom took that one of us, before she left on family day to give us some time together...No nothing scandalous happened. That sort of thing wasn't allowed. LoL. I love these pictures. And here is what I wore to the Graduation Ceremony:

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Knitty's Intolerable Cruelty!!! I finished all the little loopy things on Halloween before bed, then drove down to San Diego the next day. :D I got allot of complements and Matthew apparently got a few "head nods" the "kind guys give..." LoL.

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Anyway, I'm off to mail out swap packages, get paperwork galore (oh my god the sheer amount of paperwork we have to get...), talk to Marine people, buy stuff (alas, no yarn) and clean because...My bedroom? Does not hold all his military "trash" (aka "stuff") so we have to re-arrange and put some things in storage. Have a fantastic day!!!


Anonymous said...

This looks so great!! I really like the turquoise ribbon. I am to start on one soon. I also like your running total of $$ spent on knitting!! lol

Brena said...

Y'all have the exact same color blue eyes! :)

And I love the ribbon you chose for your Cruelty... I bet it was cruelty for your husband to see you and not be able to have a really private visit right away!

AlanaMarie said...
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AlanaMarie said...

Congrats on your new Marine!!! and your skirt is adorable! Semper Fi!