Saturday, November 24, 2007


Food was good.
Knitting was boring.
More food was better.
Pumpkin pie was yummy.
Knitting was still dull and boring.
Mashed Potatoes were fantastic.

Alas, the knitting was still boring. But I'm not knititng something I enjoy, it's a gift know...blah.

However, my thanksgiving was fun and food filled. How can you complain? I actually went to the mall with my hubby on Black Friday and we found parking w/in 3 minutes of arriving... This is of course due to me walking with people to their car and standing in the space until he could bring the car around. Pissed of some silly twit who said, "Just so you know you can't do that" Really? Because I just did. BAM!

It's called being prepared you gas guzzling half wit. But don't get me started on her supped-out truck. Ugh.

And alas, more boring knititng coming my way.