Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Way to End the Year

1: Got a call from the boss; we are going to be on TV next week (which should help with business)

2: FINALLY got my 3 skeins of BMFA STR;2 for a chevron scarf 1 for socks

3: (And the best): MY AUNT IS PREGNANT!!!! They've been trying for 10 or so years, did the invetro-fertilization and on the 4th time they took! They are going to have babies! I cannot think of ANYONE who'd be better parents!

(And for the person who asked -sorry I forgot who did, I'm all hopped up on the excitement- Spring Fling is a knitting retreate hosted by The Loopy Ewe in April. Hard to get into as hundreds try but there is only 50ish spots and it's all lottery picked. I got uber lucky).



Morandia said...

can't wait to meet you in person!!