Monday, December 1, 2008


So my husband has two beanies I knit him and his friend was saying how "lame" it was he wore them and how much of a loser he was. My husband comes to find out it's because he's jealous HE doesn't have one, so Matthew (hubby) tells him he'll get me to knit Brennan(his friend) one-but that it'll be pink. Brennen replies with, "I'd f-ing rock a pink beanie" So I knit him one...but added little ears to it. :D He gets our type of humor.

(ETA: The general Consensus is he does, in fact Rock a pink beanie.)

The guy in read is their Coreman (Naval Doc assigned to the Plt) and he said how he'd maybe like one so I knit him up one as well.

And here's a group shot with my Husband in the center (who is a cashew addict).

And now, I have a knit list for 5 guys who want beanies. 3 want a specific color (black, red/black, MC green) one is good with whatever, and one, *snort*, one wants a beanie with dog ears ("but pretty please not pink?"). And I'll do it cause I'm told there are even funnier pictures and the boys are sleeping in them (even the pink one). That makes it all worth while.... Now I need to find some good wool brown yarn. :D :D :D


PatQ said...

The guy in the pink beanie is definately good looking, pink beanie or not. Of course he's nothing compared to Matthew.

Hattie said...

Hysterical! And hey, the pink complements him lol.

Cat said...

They all look very cute!

Morandia said...

that is so cool....What pattern is that?