Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quick Style

Quickly now, because I've things to do today, all my most recent FO's.(in no particular order)

First up, St-St socks Colorway-Purple Rain by Chameleon Colorworks.

Next we have my brother's x-mas gift. The pattern is Sugar Push by FiberDreams (SP for the Rav Link, FD for the blog link). The detail on my pic is a little hard to see but it's an easy pattern! These were my 1st pair of Fingerless mitts (ok, my first-anything to do with hands project).

Then, one of many Beanies (3 in total but I didn't get pictures of the other two) of Matthew's fellow Marines. This one has a great story behind it. His buddy was teasing him for wearing the beanies I made him (every night) saying how lame it was etc. Well Matthew finds out it's because he's jealous he doesn't have one so Matthew tells him I'll make him a beanie (Thanks for asking hun) but that it'll be pink. He was all, "I'd f-ing rock a pink beanie". So I knit one. Then last minuet (no pic yet sorry) I added cat ears. *snort* Luckily the guys since of humor matches ours and I think he'll fully appreciate it. (That and I offered to knit him a real one once he opens it). He promised me pictures.

And finally, I scored TWO skeins of WOLLMEISE LACE! Details later, cause I have no clue what to knit with them! (And really? I don't need 3400yards of the same colorway. I"d be willing to trade for a different colorway if you've got one).

Have a lovely day! (and help! I've no WIP's AT ALL!!!)