Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aaaaaand I'm Back!

It was quite the month I must say! Matthew is doing well and I'm doing well. I've kept stupid busy last month (!) and am looking forward to some down time. I am so happy it's November. We've gone one month already and now only 6 more to go! SO what exactly did I do the past month, and why didn't I blog? Well....:

1: I read 36 books in 28 days
2: I finished 2 pairs of socks (all that reading kept me from knitting)
3: I worked.
4: I talked with Matthew fairly frequently.
5: There was some stupid drama involving his parents.
6: I was in a craft swap.

I'd list all the books, but really, it's just too many. However they ARE series so: *Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evaonvich
* Hanna Swenson Series by Joanne Fluke
*Fever Series by Karen Marie Moaning
* Random non-series books

Now the socks: Ugh. I hated the color on the first pair, Red, Black and White are not my favorite by any stretch. I've done the pattern Before (Swirls by Monica Jines) and while I like it, it was just boring to do the same pattern for the 3rd time. The yarn was BMFA STR and it was the Knitter's Without Borders colorway (which was the only reason I bought them).

The second Pair was from the Loopy Ewe Sock Club kit. I was doing fine on it until I got stuck on the pattern after you start the gusset decreases so it sat there for over a month. Again, the color is not my scheme really, but it was a sock club so there you go. It's was Dream In Color Smooshy: Spicy Smooches and the Pattern was Hug's and Kisses (it's X's and O's not that you can tell from the pic) By: Debbie O'Neil.

I'm currentally working on a scarf for my aunt for X-Mas and it's coming along nicely (and in a color I love). It's an easy pattern (The Waltz by Sarah Dupuis) to memorize so I'm finding my knitting MoJo again.

And just because I'm a total braggart:

It's a 2.10 Karat Topaz with smaller white topaz in a yellow gold setting. One of the jewelers at the mall near my house is going out of business (OK FIX THE ECONOMY PLEASE) and so everything was 50-70% off. I got that ring for $150 with tax. Matthew hasn't seen it yet, but who knows, maybe he'll buy it as a gift for me. Our anniversary *is* next Sunday. (Ok so our tattoos are the real anniversary present but I can't hardly resist good jewelry for cheap).

Anyway, I hope everyone has been having a lovely month and i'll be posting MUCH more frequently now. :)It's back to knitting for me.


Brena said...

Gorgeous gorgeous ring!!!! I'm jealous! But seriously as excited as I get about a big sale the amount of going-out-of-business signs is scary.

Hattie said...

Ooooh that's some serious bling! I'm a sucker for jewelry too. :) I ALSO buy it myself and then tell hubby it's his present to me lmao.