Friday, November 7, 2008

Strawberry Fields

My Strawberry Quilt is finally done! It's being modeled on my parents California King sized bed. However, I didn't pre-wash any of the material so it'll shrink up a bit in the wash. This way, it'll still more than cover my queen size bed and I won't have to fight for the covers when Matthew gets home....much. :)

The color is true in the top picture. The Bottom shows the quilting detail but the color is off. It's strawberries and flowers/leaves.

I got to talk to Matthew yesterday and he is doing well. it was a wonderful conversation and I still have a smile on my face from it. I love him so, so much. :D


PatQ said...

I love the quilt! Hopefully next year I can start quilting. It's my goal. I mailed the pin today. You should get it soon.