Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Upcomming Projects

So, not that I'm crazy or insane or anything but I just bought the yarn for Knitty's: Intolerable Cruelty. That's not the crazy part. Nor is the fact I just dropped $73.24 on yarn for it from Yarn Market. No, what's crazy is my decision that this skirt needs to be made by November 2nd OR THE WORLD WILL END!!! *doooom* Sigh. Deadlines. November 2nd is when my sexy husband graduates from the Marine Corps Boot Camp and I wanted to wear this skirt because, you know, it's smokin' hot. That and he won't have seen me for 89 days (not that I'm counting...38 to go) and well, I'm sure you know where that's headed. So I picked out the black bamboo color and want to get a blue satin blouse (with a matching ribbon for the lacing bit of the skirt) to complement it. Preferably the shade of my eyes. So the nano-second the yarn comes in I have to cast it on RIGHT THEN or I'm screwed. Figuratively of course. I've got several papers and mid-terms which all happen to fall a week prior to him graduating and the week after he get's off leave (the gods have smiled thusly upon me...hopefully he dosen't get held back). So that is my yarn fix for the day.

....please let the yarn arrive soon....

In other news I have nothing mindless to knit. The felted bag is done and needs to be..felted. I was going to start my first pair of jaywalkers but it requires 5 DPNs and I only have a set of 4. But I ought to go down a size anyway since I knit loose. I swear to all that is holy if I ever sit through my Religious Diversity class again without knitting, I will go insane. Never, ever again.

BUT! (hee) Remember that contest I mentioned awhile back where I sent in a picture of what reminds me of fall and if I were to win I'd get a skein of the color way that inspired it? Well I won. Laura from The Handpainted Sheep mailed out my skein (in sock yarn squee) and it came to my house 2 days ago. I had mom open it and she was like, "OOOOOO this is beautiful!!!" I'm dying to see it! I have to skip on home tomorrow so I am so snagging that skein, rolling it into a ball and knitting my way through sanity on Thursday. I can't wait to see it! Squee!

On that note I ought to head for bed. I've got to be at the dentist for a filling removal, cavity filling and temp. crown placement all on the same tooth at 8am!!! *cry* I'm going to need the yarn therapy for sure.