Monday, September 24, 2007

Podcasts and Finished Projects

So, apparently the new bee in my bonnet is that I want to do a knitting podcast. I don't know why I think I'd have enough to say about knitting to fill in a half hour to an hour worth of show, but there you have it. I want to podcast. Mind you, my experience with all things technical is rather akin to my love for math...Which is to say Non-existent. I'm one of those "point and click" users of the computer world and god forbid I learn HTML. The thought is terrifying. So what makes me think I could Podcast? Lord knows.

Moving on to all things knitting and goodness!

My Alpaca Cable Trim Sweater from Vogue Knitting (Fall 2006) is DONE DONE DONE! Finally! As we speak I'm wearing it now (It's a bit itchy but I'm sure I'll survive) and aside from the itchy factor, it's comfortable. Comfort is my Mecca if you will. We have nearly achieved bliss.... Ok so yeah, that's a bit overdoing it I know. The fit could be better ((I also could gain some weight) but it's not too tight in the arms and is long enough in my torso to not annoy.
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See what I mean? But it's nice and I'll wear it plenty...although that means I'll have to wash it and block it and uh...I've never blocked anything in my life. Oy.

Next up we have my finished purple socks of joy! Actually, they were rather an annoying pair to make over all. I made the first one easy peasy, then on my second one, made it too short. My right foot is a size 7.5 my left foot an 8. I've successfully made 2 pairs of socks by this pair and so you'd think I'd realize that I cannot make my left foot the same amount of stitches as my right. Alas. I had to redo the left sock. Cry. But I love how they turned out and wear all my hand knit socks more than I do any others.

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I've also finished a k2-p2 ribbed scarf for a gentlemen who worked on the train I took home from Illinois this summer. He was so nice and supportive about my husband being in the Marines (he's a former one himself) that I wanted to make him something. Which is not to say I've ran into many jerks (there are a few sad to say) but everyone always been like, "ohhhhhh...the marines?! Why?" and in general not supportive. To them I say, "Kiss my Fairy Wings". Anywhodles, so I told him I'd make a scarf and he gave me his address to mail it too. I bet $10.00 that he thinks I forgot. :)

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This was right before I finished the scarf, sadly, I have no Finished Pictures yet, as this weekend was busy and didn't lend itself to picture taking. It'll be a nice surprise for him in the mail, something un-expected. I love things like that. And speakin gof getting mail, look what I got from the Loopy Ewe on Monday!!!
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(The yarn not the bottles) It's gorgeous!!!! It's called Coral Reef from The Knittery. My only issue with it was there was a knot in it and while I was winding the ball the yarn snapped in two! So, I tied it into a knot and kept winding. Pretty colors but sadly, it now has 2 knots. But I'll be making my first pair of Jaywalkers out of it which I hope to cast on this week. :) Have a wonderful day guys!!