Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playing Catch Up

So I clearly haven't posted substance in a few weeks (does anyone read this thing anyway?) and, well, this is some substance but not a ton. I started school at "The Beach" and am enjoying Dorm life mostly (the food is delish and I don't even have to make it!). My classes are divided into 2 types of days: M/W Super Awesome JOY! T/R Boredom and Doomy Doooom! Alas, I shall survive. My morning T/R Class boredom is solved by knitting in between note taking (my teacher is long winded so I get an amazing amount done) so I have done more knitting since realizing this.

I finished my purple st-st socks and am going to Branch out and try Jaywalkers. Wish me luck! I bought some yarn from the Loopy Ewe (linky linky) which I'm hoping will work. It's currently sitting at my house so I'm waiting to see if I have any mail coming in from my Husband otherwise I'll wait and pick it up this weekend. But I really really want to knit with it now....

I've started on another felted bag, to use up the rest of those skeins I made the first two from. I'm still going to have to buy another skein to get the required height. I've decided on a pale green if my LYS has it. Here's hoping!

I've also started on a K2P2 Ribbed Scarf in Puverian Highland Wool for a gentleman I met on my train ride home. I bet he thinks I forgot, or he forgot. Hehe, it'll be a nice surprise waiting for him in his mailbox....Aren't those the best kind?

I'll be posting pictures soon, I just want to get everything photographed and uploaded first. I hope everyone is doing well!


Brena said...

Good luck with your Jaywalkers! I love the pair that I made.

Vicki said...

Sometimes it feels like that, like no one is reading this stuff. But you'd be surprised :-)

That link worked and oh my, it is some purty yarn indeed. It makes me remember how much I want to dye my own sock yarn. Mmmm, one day. I am yet to get my hands on a suitable yarn for it, typical! LOL