Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Knit1, Purl1, Knit 1, Purl1

My first ever knitting class went well. I guess I caught Dragon Lady on a bad afternoon and everyone has those day's right? Or maybe I astounded her with my savvy knitting prowess. Yeah. That's it. So I am now a knitter! She taught me continental style, casting on, knit and purl and seed/moss stitch. The other lady who was there (who has been going there for 8 years) said to me that usually new knitters do a whole scarf with just the knit stitch before they are comfortable enough to learn more. Good thing I'm a rebel and kept practicing over the weekend no? Granted the stitches are different than when doing it American style but the basic principle is the same. Knit. Purl.

So I'm almost out of the furry yarn of doom and (obviously) no where near the end of said scarf. Which means I'm going to have to buy more today. My main issue so far is that it seems I keep increasing by one (good thing I count all the freaking time) so I have to decrease just about every other row or so. Ugh. ....The yarn is furry....how do people cope with this on big projects? I woke up this morning with little strand of fur in my mouth! The yarn was across the room all night unless it remembered it was an animal once, got up and attacked me in my sleep...Which seems un-likely since my cat sleeps right dab-smack in the middle of my bed and would notice something moving about my room. He watches all my yarn like it might make a tasty morsel. Thankfully Ramses only attacks the cheap yarn or yarn I give him scraps from . Hmmm...mabey my cat is trying to tell me something about the cheap acrylic....