Monday, April 23, 2007

Felted Bag, Long Beach!

So my mom totally loved my felted bag I made (and my dad was all forms of impressed post-felting "You can't even tell it was knitted!") and wants me to make her one for Mother's Day. YES! Finally I'll have something for her (that she'll like for sure) with out stressing over it. That means I'm off to spend more money tonight while at my knitting class. Gee, don't make me or anything. So her bag will be the purple color I used along with light blue and dark blue. I'm glad it's a quick knit (week-ish).

In other news: I got accepted into California State University Long Beach! I found out last Friday via automated voice response (so I haven't gotten the official letter yet) and I also got into housing so I can live on campus! I've been wanting to get into this school since last summer (I had to finish up transfer units first) and I finally did. I'm going to Major in History (European) and possibly get a teaching credential. Hazza! I'm excited. Can you tell?

And my shirt is going well (the one made of bamboo) I've only got the back mostly done since I was so sick last week, but I'm hoping to have started on the front by class tonight. Have a great day!