Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello! Happy Friday! Guess who has some projects to show you? :D The first is my most recent finished object; Swirls Socks in Fleece Artist (Cedar).
They were a nice, busy-work sort of knit. With everything that's been going on you could say I've needed easy thigns. :)

My current project otn is Carrie's Scarf (rav link). It's inspired by the new Sex in the City movie-of which I've never seen the prior or the show. But I got it as a lovely gift from my friend and it's in MALABRIGO! A bunch of us are doing it at knit night as a pseudo KAL. The color is Ravelry red and I'm well into the second ball of the 4 I got. The picture was taken when I was still working on the first ball so imagine it way longer! And sadly, the second ball is NOT the same shade of red despite begin in the same dye-lot. Way to go Malabrigo. Ah well. I'm really not that picky and also, so not willing to rip out the work. :)
(but longer) That's really all I'm working on currently, I've packing and school to attend to as well as deployment (ah, yes, that's coming up again) and COLLEGE GRADUATION! :D