Monday, April 5, 2010

Etsy Jewelry

Well, time slipped by didn't it? I've gotten some knitting done, and will get to photos soooooooon(ish). But for today I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite Etsy Jewelry Sites (I've many categories so maybe this'll be a theme throughout posts?).

First up is one I just bought from today called birdzNbeez. She features all jewelry types with an emphasis on Lockets. Here's the bracelet I just bought.

Infusion Glassworks is up next. I was in a pottery throwing class with the artist so I was able to see first hand how careful she is with her (very, very nice) artwork. Jenny is fantastic and her jewelry is stunning!

Skylark Studio's has a few necklaces (lotus) and earrings I want but it's a bit pricey for myself at the moment. Looks like quality pieces though!

Biliana Art Things is another fave shop. I've a necklace and pair of earrings from her. I love her drawings, though I will say that the earrings I have is a cutout of her art and adhered to the jewelry piece. Doesn't bother me but it may some. Crazy fast (and cheap) shipping when I bought from her.

The next few are steam punk/goth/fantasy esque shops. I like costumes, and sparkly things as well as neat looking things sooo:

Trash & Trinkets- I adore gypsy type jewelry and she has such neat things!

EJP Creations- because everyone needs a wicked tiara!

BellaLilli -Shiny pretty things

And Finally, London's Gate, for all your steam punk needs!

So that's some of my favorite things (feel free by the way to buy me stuff from them *wink*). Enjoy!


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