Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been quilting because, quite frankly, my knitting is ticking me off. More so today than yesterday. Anyway, yesterday I went to my moms and we went to various quilt shops looking for material for two baby blankets I need to make. Afterward we went her her house and I started on a wall hanging kit I've had for years and jsut never did. And by years I mean since before Fall 2006 since I bought it before I knew how to sew.


Taaa Daah! All that is left is to do the binding and a strip of material so I can hang it and it'll all be finished!

I've also completed my st-st cashmere socks and started a scarf in hand spun since those bloody socks that shall not be named are in knitting purgatory until they've learned their lesson. The hand spun scarf, henceforth called the "Crazy Lady Scarf" is going to be very colorful and well, crappy. But it's an easy two row pattern repeat and my hand spun isn't at a decent level or consistency yet. What else would I do with it? And it's taken the rage off from knitting. Gah.


Stickchicky said...

That is gorgeous!