Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I've been nesting more so than knitting lately. Although, since last week I have picked up the needles but for 2 weeks, I had ZERO (no, I'm not lying)projects OTN. I guess my creative energy only has enough to go around for one project at a time and moving, decorating the house and getting through finals was simply too much for it. Not to mention cooking, cleaning and baking.

(Smiles) However, finals are DONE, and school is, for a month anyway. Then I'm back in for an intensive Latin course-a years worth of Latin in 9 weeks. Ahem. No I'm not crazy per-say, but it'll put me ahead of schedule by a year. That is, if the school doesn't drop all the freaking courses I need. Classes are scarce and I don't even have enough for 12 units (Have to take them in a certain order) Bah. Don't get me started on them raising tuition by $300 either.

But Knitting! Yes knitting! I started on Cookie A's Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation (In DyeDreams Sox (LOVE! Mad crazy LOVE!) and I am having a heck of a time. So, in between knit nights when I get help on the blasted things, I'm also working on a pair of Cashmere st-st socks and they are DIVINE! Really, the heavens parted and the angelic chorus sang. Ahem. I'm on the second sock of those (still the first on Kai-Mei) and once I finish that I'm either going to CO the Shetland Triangle Shawl or the Dream in Color Shrug. (All rav links btw) The Shetland Triangle is going to be done in the Sundara Yarn Silky Merino Aran and the DIC in DIC Classy (Tea Party).

I've knit night tonight and then home to bother and pester the hubby. :) I hope you all have a lovely day!