Friday, June 20, 2008

Wherin I get Sucked Back to the Land of the Living

So ok, I finished my shrug a week ago. Yes, a week ago. I've worn it twice, once to a going away party (where I got allot of complements but no pictures) and once to knit night. Love. It's so soft and comfortable. But what kept me away from here was Eeevil site that is. (If you scroll down this page you can see some of mine) So, without further ado, my b0obalishis shrug shot!


It is so comfortable and soft. It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerio yarn in a dark navy blue. I don't think I've updated with pictures of my new yarn, but that can wait for another day I suppose. Tonight is the kick off for the Summer of Socks 08 and I'm itching to start....

..which reminds me Summer starts tomorrow and I've done nothing in preparation. bah.


Brena said...

Very nice, your shrug looks so professional! I'll have to try the DB Cashmerino.