Sunday, December 16, 2007

My brownies ARE better than sex.

My brownies are better than sex!

I love Marines. No, really. I sent my husband and his Liberty buddy back to the base for the week with some brownies I had made for them this weekend. Three went to specific guys (namely the ones who sleep in the bunk-beds next to my husband and don't inform the Sergeants he's calling me during the week when he isn't supposed to) and 3 were left over. Well apparently, one of the guys broke his in half and gave one to his friend to eat. His friend took one bite (I make em big), looked at my husband and said, "This brownie is better than the sex I had this morning!!!"


There have apparently been requests for a full batch this weekend. LMAO. See? You gotta love Marines because they are so...appreciative. *snicker*

So my night has gone much better since my husband told me that. He said he'd try to call on Tuesday (this is when they are playing with grenades) to let me know I'm alive but otherwise it's no calls for me this week. One of his Sergeants said if they are caught on the phones not only will he take the phone away but he'll make it so they can't go home for x-mas. ZOMG. How $&%^@% would we be if that happened to us?

I've decided to crochet granny squares out of misc sock yarn but it's not a project I'm actively working on (other than tonight to clear out some of my f-ing sock yarn). I make the squares as I go but I don't particularly care for granny squares. Especially the weaving in bit. Ugh. But I am almost (Ha) done with two skeins.

My brownies are better than sex. Rock.


Brena said...

Better than sex brownies sound fantastic!!!! For those moments when my boyfriend is away at work. ;)

AlanaMarie said...

now are these secret recipie brownies? you should post it! or are they box brownies?

TheWench said...

Box brownies!!! Bwahahaha. Although to be fair, my husband said they tasted better than normal (wtf? it's from a box, how could it be different?)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I just saw this via ravlery (username: yoli) and had to comment: that is too great! I really want to try one of your brownies now! Definitely high praise though.