Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finished Socks and stress

I finished my Briar Rose socks. I'm far, far ot stressed to do any kind of magical linking, so I got them form

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They turned out nice. I also got in my Helen's Lace form Lorna's Laces (also form TLE) but I just need the needles to start my project:
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And I'm far, far to stressed out with my life. To the point where I'm "knititng because if i think about everything going on I will break down and cry" type stress. I RAN OUT OF PAPER FOR MY TO-DO LIST!!!

So it's another pair of st-st socks in Solstice from Yarn Pirate's booty club.


Brena said...

Your socks are beautiful.

I hope your stress lessens soon. I've recently started my day with Yoga and am taking "dance breaks" throughout the day to try to help with my stress. So far, so good...

TheWench said...

Thanks Brena! I'm glad to see your back, how did the move go?