Friday, June 1, 2007


The past 7 days have been a nightmare of worry, stress, terror, tears and love. The first few days I was a mess to be sure, but I've slowly pulled myself together fragile as it may be. I'm grateful to knitting for being there to keep me reasonably busy. I've gotten a nice bit of knitting done on the Cable Trim Pullover (I still love that alpaca) and the Alpaca Shawl. Yum. However, my digital camera is hiding somewhere in my room so I can't take pictures and post my progress. Humph. My next two projects are going to be a Debbie Bliss Bolero in cashmerino, and Intolerable Cruelty (linky) from The bolero I have been eying for a month or so and the skirt from knitty I'm making for my Fiancee. Technically, the skirt is for me, but during boot camp he'll get one day out of the 3 months for a family day, so I'm going to wear it there. He'll be all proud of his "sexy fairy" and be kicking himself for leaving me. :P He's even picked out what two colors to use. Any who, once I find my camera I'll post some in progress but for now, enjoy your day.