Friday, June 29, 2007

Various Things

Well, not much knitting has been going on, sad to say. Monday I did manage to finish off the back of the Cable Trim Pullover (read: alpaca sweater) and today I cast on for the front. Other than that, not much else.
On Wednesday I went to my school for the orientation meeting and registration process. I think I ought to re-think this whole "History Major" thing. LB is very focused on paper writing, and can I just say I SUCK at paper writing? Not to mention my editor is joining the USMC in August so I'll be out of luck? It's not that I don't passionately love history and learning all about it, I'm just terrified about the billions of papers I'm going to have to write. Hell. Maybe I ought to be a dance major. Few papers then although I'm sure they have some. But a few is better than a paper for every class every semester. Hell.

My classes leave much to be desired. I was lucky enough to get the times I want but the classes themselves? Ick. To be a history major at CSULB you have to take (and do well in) 3 classes. The first one is the Methodology of History (or 301), I blacked out on the second one (302) and the Senior Seminar (499). I blacked out on the 2nd one because they went on, and on and on about how bloody hard 301 will be and that they only advise you take one other history class while doing 301 due to work load. Hell.

So I'm taking 4 classes next semester. 301, Pagan Culture, U.S. Colonial History and Religious Diversity in America. The Pagan Culture isn't as awesome and amazing as it sounds. It's classic Greek/Roman lit. Apparently the teacher rocks, and that was told by a math major and history major student. OK, I'll be positive about that. The US History one I'm completely ok with (that's my "Fun" class for the semester) and shoot me over the head I don't want to take Religious Diversity in US. I wanted to take the class on Buddhism but it was all full. Suck.

Thursday, Matthew and I had our Engagement photo's taken and we picked up our Handfasting rings form the jewelers. We are wearing them now, because he didn't want to wait despite it not being until July 22nd. I wish I could say that was our wedding date as well, but...he wants to wait for his first duty station...So January-ish I'll be getting married. I don't think I'm working all weekend which is a relaxing experience but sucky money wise. Alas, I shall survive.

I'm off to work on that pullover, if only to have more done by Monday's class.