Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Already?!

Can you believe it? Good Grief. I kind of feel like everyone is just taking a step away from posting or some such. I have because A: I've done no knitting and B: have had absolutely no free time. Thankfully, I passed Latin with an "A" and now am panicking because I'm in the next lvl of Latin and so shouldn't be. >< Ah well. So my regular school has started back up again. Yay. It's been hella hot here, and if I'M saying it's hot, you know it's in the 90's. Blerg.

So, no knitting. I started on a jacket, and had to rip it out, pair of socks, ripped it out, lace shawl, ripped it out. So aggravating. I wondered what I used to do with my free time prior to knitting and it's this: read anywhere from 1-3.5 books in a day (If I dont have work or school), play internet games, hang out with non-knitting friends, do school work and related activities and sleep.

Who knew?