Friday, April 10, 2009

Seeded Cables Cardigan

Matthew comes home TOMORROW! So that being said, I'll leave you with pictures of my newest cardigan:



(I was on the phone with him when this was being taken). Let's see, I started it January 13th and it was finished on April 6th. Hazza! it went into timeout a few times and I didn't work on it for weeks at a time so this is by far the longest time it's taken me to knit a sweater. It's the Seeded Cables Cardigan (rav link) from Sensual Knits (learn to test knit before printing a book). I used Zara yarn in some un-inspiring numbered colorway that I swapped with a friend from knit night. The color is gorgeous!

As for other knits, I'm on the toe decreases of Pomatomus socks by Cookie A (did you get her new book? I did!) and another Large Triangle shawl from Greetings From Knit Cafe (rav links again). The shawl is in dark gray instead of the nutmeg and won't have the tassels since they were so tedious to make. Since we have to wait around on base for about 4 hours before the guys will be dismissed, I'm thinking I'll bring both the sock and shawl to work on. Next time I post, Matthew and I will be in the same picture again!!! Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy Pagan/Christian holiday (easter)!


Hattie said...

It looks awesome! The color definitely suits you. Nice job!

Lynn said...

Your sweater is beautiful! And hooray for your husband coming home! See you in two weeks. :)

PatQ said...

Absolutely beautiful. And the sweater looks good too.

Danielle said...

The cardi looks amazing! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice!